The Brotherhood of Makuta - Makuta Vamusahi

Name; Vamusahi
Assigned region; Sayal
Mask; mask of aging
Status; dead

Whilst others coveted power, wealth, and control, Vamusahi had simplier, more elegant tastes. A Rahi creator by trade his passion was of art. Smuggling it to his island whenever he could, especially during the catalysm. Using it to hide his theft of statues and other similar items from metru nui. Unfortunately soon after the dark hunters attacked his stronghold. This led Vamusahi to activate a stasis field to protect his collection, unfortunately he underestimated the range and the field severed his body in half, releasing his gaseous form to evaporate into the atmosphere


The only problem I have with this are those extremely thin lower legs. The rest is fine though.

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Integrating a turntable into the torso certainly is… unique. I don’t mind the thin lower legs too much, in fact I think they’re an interesting touch, but that torso and shoudler area are way too cluttered in my opinion. For starters I’d get rid of teh light gray and silver and also remove the dark green cable. Then distribute the lime a little better over the upper torso and shoulders. For example those trans-green ribcages on the front of the torso might look better if they’re switched out with the gunmetal grey ones on the shoulders. Unless, of course you want the bigger arms to look mechanical? In any case the upper torso needs more lime, though. The back of the torso is actually alright, so focus on the front.


I’d like you to come up with a different name - one that doesn’t end with an “x”.
Otherwise it works (I mean, it was my idea ;P). Glad you used it, though, an art collector is an interesting character to have.

Overall: Please work a bit more on the torso and come up with a new name.

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This is a good first start. Welcome to the path of shear improvement. Don’t know how long it is, but the destination is satisfactory.

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Unfortunately I don’t have another cable to replace it with.

That was intentional, yes

Hm, looking at my remaining parts I’m not sure how to do so in a way that would not seemed tacked on

Perhaps Vicium?

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Then only use one cable? Just noticed that the red cable on the back doesn’t seem to be a part of a weapon, so I’d remove that, too, and go for an asymmetrical look.

And there’s always the option of redoing the torso - I am fully aware of what a pain it is to build custom torsos, though…

Vicium sounds too latin… If you want I could give it a try using the Matoran dictionary later?

That could work.

I’m not sure if I’m willing to do this however.

If you wish

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So, how about… Vamusahi as a name? Kinda translates to “always desiring things”.


I like it

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Good, then that only leaves the MOC to be improved a bit.

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It’s nothing major, but how’s this?


Oh gosh those lower legs… just no. The head is awkward too

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I guess I can work with that. For some reason he looks far more insectoid to me now than before - not that that’s a bad thing.

MOC accepted, thanks for participating!

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The four eyes, arms, and mandibles, yeah I could see that

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