The Brotherhood of Makuta- Spiriah The Exiled

Making Spiriah was quite the adventure, mostly because his canon appearance was quite a mess. I minimized the gray and green and made him mostly black and red, with lime green accents and in a more humanoid form. . There are a few grey pieces here and there, but nothing extremely out of place. He is pretty much G1 titan sized, maybe a little shorter. Here are a couple alternate shots of him.

This was made for the Brotherhood of Makuta Community MOC Project. Go check it out and make your own Makuta for the project!

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I really like this take on him, looks awesome

looking sick with them extra limbs and such.

Wow, nice job. Really suits Spiriah. Great execution of the colour scheme and this version of the Jutlin works very well here.

I can’t find anything here I could criticize. Great job and thanks for participating!

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Wow, nice.

Reminds me of Doc Oc. The CCBS bone shape just gives it a robotic look.

The torso looks a little odd, what with the claw-hands, but everything else is great!


awesome ! i really like the look of this

So much better looking than the official combo and that variation of the Jutlin really helps set him apart from looking too much like Antroz.

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Well made! If this was how cool the actual combo looked, I definitely would have built it!

The lime green pairs really well with the dark red, which isn’t shocking, although I must admit I never considered MOCing with them until now. The Ben 10 hands are well-placed. Are they a nod to the original model having a quasi-Matoran on it’s back?

The tendrils are really cool-looking, and I love the mask choice (not JUST because I used the same mask for my version of Miserix, though :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) One suggestion I might make is, if possible, to use a Metru red torso plate beneath that black Toa chest. There’s just a little too much black there in the front for me.

Overall, an excellent MOC and a great addition to the BOM project. Nice work!

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Well done sirah.

This is really good! The textures and articulation are great, and the color scheme, my goodness. This MOC is a great addition to the BOM project. I only hope mine can compare in greatness to the example you’ve set.


Excellent! Love it! Amazing!

You know, when I first saw this, those tendrils on his back reminded me so much of the main character from The Darkness games. Really love this interpretation of spiriah, especially since he is one of my favorite makuta.

This guy is awesome looking! I love the tentacle thingys! The colours are amazing, I love the spiky aesthetic, and the build is great, this is just overall a really Fantasti-cool™ MOC! Great job! :smile:

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That’s a very interesting colour scheme and a pretty amazing MOC!

I really like the tendril things

Reminds me of tokyo ghoul :slight_smile: