The Brotherhood of Makuta- Vadkanda

Gender: Female

Species: Makuta

Kanohi: Mask of Aggression

Status: Deceased

Makuta of Garai Nui, Vadkanda has always hungered for blood, however much she represses it. Despite her attempts to appear graceful and intelligent, she was always made for conquest and destruction. She harbors a fierce resentment towards any group she perceives as being smarter than she is. Nonetheless, she is very skilled in the arts of battle and war. (though not much else) She was killed by a group of Matoran hoping to remove her from her power. Originally, they only wanted to capture or disable her, but the actions of an aspiring Le-Matoran led to her being crushed under several tons of rock.


Great job, pulls of the female proportions well, although I wouldn't mind a story...

Sorry, I was delayed in finishing this post.

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The mask is a bit colour scheme breaking but other than that it is very good

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Color Scheme is nice, female build look good, kanohi is somewhat color breaking (not really). 9/10

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Looks cool, and the colors are great! I'm normally not a fan of painted parts, but that can definitely be overlooked here.

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I have to agree, this looks great. That CCBS stuff on the upper arms is very nicely integrated. It was not until I recogniced the skull spiders, that I noticed it as CCBS.

However, I wonder, how Vadkanda looks from the back. And I noticed two other things, that are interesting to note, but don't make this MOC necessarily look bad at all: One of the hands is pre-2008, the other one newer. The inner armor at the upper legs is one time connected to the legs with a black piece, one time with an orange piece (intention or lack of parts?)

Also nice painting job. I personally would never paint my parts, but sometimes painting just offers more possibilities.

To story and stuff: Add below her Kanohi her status (dead) and put into her story the way she was killed.

Otherwise, I'm glad you joined the Brotherhood project!

That colour scheme is just... Glorious

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Thank you! The orange was definitely due to a lack of parts. I'll add the other stuff.

looks alright

Why is that silver Metru chest?

That (and the orange) break up the color scheme. There are some bronze Metru chests out there, would make her look a bit better. Also she would proably look a bit better with some more rounded pieces on the legs. And need I mention the CNBS (Compressed Nuvaboob Syndrome)?

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CNBS? I can't say I've heard of it

Ya did great with this MOC!

Maybe you have, maybe you haven't. I just made up the term now to compensate for the complaint about s MOC being too small for Nuvaboobs, so one of them gets layered on top of another to compensate.

Aw, cut me some slack, man. They're barely touching.

I actually think they look fine here. It's only really bad when the body is small, which it's not here.

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I got to admit this looks great.
The belt on the chest looks out of place.

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