Makuta Vakada [Brotherhood of Makuta Collab]

Hello, Windfall here.
Several years ago, I entered the Brotherhood of Makuta collab project with my moc “Vadkanda.” However, I was never exactly proud of the particular creation, so I have taken the opportunity to reimagine the character. I was informed by @Gilahu that she was renamed “Vakada” by RSG to incorporate the project into their game, which I wholeheartedly endorse as the superior name.

I am proud to present Makuta Vakada, guardian of a portion of one of the far southern isles of the left chain. A decidedly middle-of-the-pack Makuta, she never involved herself in “the Plan,” and preferred to follow her love of experimentation and maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. She had great affection for her various charges, but saw her duties as an interesting game or puzzle. Her greatest fascination was with the bodies and biology of Matoran Universe inhabitants, and had a keen interest in exploring and advancing their capabilities… by whatever means possible.

She worked closely with the inhabitants of her island, which included many Vo- and Ba-Matoran, as well as Vortixx and members of Johmak’s species. Although she shared rule over her island with other Makuta, she was the de-facto head of that particular region, employing a soft governance style with the Turaga and other local leaders. She was no warrior, but was more than capable and willing to handle threats beyond the power of the local Toa.

In line with her role as a biologist, Vakada wore a shapeshifted regional variant of the Kanohi mask of biomechanics, allowing her to more easily complete her work. She wielded a single simple blade, eschewing other weapons.


You’re alive! And back with quite an update, I see.

Quite a different - and more complex - look now. Shows how you’ve improved in the past… wow, it’s already been almost 8 years…

I’m spotting some unconventional parts usage here. The hip joints seem to be Vahki heads? And the central piece on the abdomen seems to be a Metru hip with the balljoints broken off (I hope you didn’t break it on purpose).
The upper torso is nicely shaped and the Mahri cables well integrated.

If there’s one thing I had to point out which I’m not a big fan of, it’s probably the knee armor. It’s a problem I myself frequently encounter, too, but when the knee is bent, it looks quite awkward. Attaching it to the lower leg rather than the upper might have looked a bit better.

I am glad the gold is gone for my purposes of revamping her, eventually. Though now I have to figure out an alternative use for the Noble Avsa I already organized… might include it in Hormahk’s chest after all, once I get to him, it seems.

… I’m realizing I never announced this formally. Unfortunately, RSG and I parted ways over disagreements regarding which direction RSG lore should go. So as it stands, there will be no more Brotherhood Project content included and I kinda expect already included explicit content to be removed for the most part over time.

But if I have to, I’ll figure out a way to make things work somehow in an inofficial way.

Which brings me to the lore analysis - as far as old RSG lore went and my plans are concerned, Vakada is actually the Makuta of the central eastern province of the Southern Continent - Balrapahi. (All other possible regions already have Makuta). The region is known for its gravity anomalies and floating islands, and there’s also a strongly magnetic mountain there (also read here, at the moment it’s still the current published RSG material, as far as I know: RSG Map Companion Revision 2.pdf - Google Drive)

Turning her from warrior into biologist is something I really appreciate and the rest of the lore works out pretty well.

If you want, you could add how Vakada died, if you want to change that. Otherwise I’ll stick to “Matoran made a cliff collapse on top of her” with some elaboration.


female legodavid anybody?


me likes
nice head design!


Jeez, it doesn’t seem like that long huh? Feels like just yesterday it was getting going.

I very proud of not only using Vahki heads but also the ever-awkward Vahki shoulder/neck thing. The hip was intentionally broken (sorry not sorry. I have like 10 metru blue ones and nothing to use them on : P ) And funnily enough it was originally one of a pair I modified for a different moc.

Yeah, this is good advice that I also noticed while photographing. Will attempt to fix that in the future.

Oof, that’s a shame to hear. That had a lot of potential.

This and the death thing are fine, actually. I plan to do other things with the character but I think those details aren’t bad by any means.

Overall, thanks for the review! Glad to see you are still around, best wishes with whatever you are doing now.


Thanks! I really like how the head turned out as well.


Makuta Vakada? More like Makuta Awooga!


It means no worries

Seriously though, this built is fantastic. A very sleek design, and the Bohrok foot on the calf is a great way to utilize the pistons on a longer-than-typical titan limb. I always overlook those integrated feet, I may borrow that trick someday.


Wow, this is really neat. The color scheme, the sword, the mask/horns, the overall proportions… they all come together really well. Great work.