The Brotherhood of Makuta - Vamprah, The Hunter's Debut at the End of Time

I bet you never thought you’d see this day

Name: Vamprah.
Assigned region: Hitaku and Selix.
Kanohi: Avsa, Great Maski of Hunger.
Status: Dead.

It’s funny how long it took me to take 4 blurry pictures of this terrible hunk of plastic, but here he is.

I dunno how you are supposed to see this, so Imma just tag you, @Gilahu


Upper torso could use some work

Well, it’s been what? Three Years? But finally, finally you deliver :raised_hands:

And… looking good. Not necessarily worthy three years of waiting, but good. Torso and knees are maybe a tad bit gappy, but I really like the sword and the lower legs. Personally never imagined Vamprah to be quite so bulky, but that’s personal opinion, I guess. A little more dark blue couldn’t have hurt either, but dark blue isn’t exactly the most common colour…

So, yeah. Good job.

One small detail, though - I know in canon lore Vamprah’s region is described as “region around Odina” but for project purposes his original assigned region is the one containing the two islands of Hitaku and Selix. He just later took over the other regions in the area, too. Odina itself doesn’t strike me as likely to have ever been directly assigned to a Makuta.

Aside from that is it possible you could rotate the pictures here? Weirdly enough they show up in the correct orientation when I open them separately, though…

Anyways, MOC accepted, thanks for participating!


If I had more parts/experience I probably would have gone for something more stalkerish, but I was just happy to get something together that looked passable. He’s at least a lot better than the cursed first version.

I can make that tweak to info no worries.

I wish I could do something about the images, but my internet was having trouble uploading them directly, the rotation is some strange side effect from embedding them through links that I’m not sure how to change.

Honestly it just feels kinda good to finally be done with him.


From what I can tell it looks good. The proportions seem a little off, but I think that’s just cause the pictures are squished.

Nice, but feels so bulky comparing with the set I think the upper legs could use some work. Nice though overall!