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Oire overheard this.
“'S why I left Isotix.” He said, a sad tone to his voice. “Everythin’ became about bein’ a soldier and doin’ what th’ king wanted.”

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Ernesto approached the grayish blobs he assumed to be the ones in charge of the group,“I know how we can defeat Bloodfang.”


Amelia and Will turned around and looked at Ernesto. She rose an eyebrow, interested to hear what could possibly defeat Bloodfang. “Speak your mind then.” She said.


“I don’t think it’s any stretch of the imagination that there’s cursed that can age a man into dust, right?”

Amelia shrugged. “I don’t know if there is such a thing.” She said with a genuine tone. “Neither do I know if it will have an affect on him. Plus none of us have the means to conduct said deaging curse.”


“Surely it does though, right? Anyway, I don’t think it would work on Bloodfang. Dragons don’t age as men do, they only become more powerful with age.”

Will nods. “Yeah, Dragons as they age become powerful and practically unstoppable. But that Dragon’s Bane is useful, though. However, there is none in this country, it is quite rare to find, actually.” He said.

“But I don’t recommend having you near it…because it will affect much as you being near it like it will affect Bloodfang, hopefully he doesn’t have any means to counter it…but we should stay vigilante about it.”


“Yes, both are fools, if the followers have a choice. Letting such a man rule is a mistake, but how to the people fix it? To try would result in death. That is why I went to the Republic. Not that I trust the leaders there, but they are kept on a tighter leash.”

“Okay, but if I’m the one who’s cursed, then wouldn’t my strength grow to match that of Bloodfang?”

Lanmo appeared like a head from behind Alina, looking at Ernesto. “I see where you are going with this.” He said. “But, Dragons tend to die when they hit their 10.000 year mark. And Lord Bloodfang did kill his mentor who was just that age…so, I don’t know, it is a curse after all so it will probably kill you than rather help you.” He declares. “That’s what makes it a curse in the first place, they are meant to cause you misfortune.


“I’d be willing to make that sacrifice.”

“We don’t trade lives, Ernesto.” Amelia said. “Plus I find it to be a bit of inappropriate time to discuss about this right now…can’t it wait?” She politely asked him with a soft tone.


“When would it be convenient for this discussion to take place then?”

“Probably once we get the Thunderstorm Bow and are in a more secured place, such as the Tempus City.” She said to him.


“So be it,” Ernesto replied, as he backed away from the group.

“High King Versing was divinely chosen, regardless what we think,” Candall pipes up. “Tis a sick reality. I question what the Tuatha de Danaan had in their noggin, as he’s twisted any sense of loyalty. Yes, we protect our lands for Badb, but where does that protection end and become oppression?”

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Xaio and Geal would be on the other side of the country so to speak, as now it was an indirect race so to speak, as Xaio was ontop of Geal that was flying through the place.

“Bring us down,” Xaio told Geal.

“Why?” He questioned.

“It’ll be much easier on the ground,” Xaio said.

Geal proceeds as told and he descended on the ground, folding his wings as Xaio hopped off of him. Xaio didn’t know much of Geal but he had to be strong enough to transform himself into a human, it would make them much easier to go undetected, should they come into contact with the enemy.

But Xaio knew not to question what was not his business.

When they glanced around and saw that the massacre of the Isotixians still was there, just in old ruins and scars of the past. Geal felt somewhat saddened by this, it reminded him of his wife…Siansa’s mother.

Xaio kept his emotions in control. If Geal was honest, he would expect him to say something about it, but he didn’t. He simply walked forward.

“So, how are we going to find this Thunderstorm Bow?” Geal asked as he followed from behind.

“I’m working on that.” Suddenly Xaio’s eyes turned into a yellow like a golden color as his vision was picking up something. “Interesting…” He muttered as he saw this message of old showing through around the place.

Every Starwalker Resigns within the Stars and their Knowledge preserves among them, that’s what makes us Walkers among the Stars.

“Xaio…?” Geal asked, slightly starting to get impatient.

“Every Starwalker Resigns within the Stars and their Knowledge preserves among them, that’s what makes us Walkers among the Stars,” Xaio said, glancing back at Geal.

“I’m sorry I have to ask you this but…” He paused. “What does it even mean?” He asked.

“Well…” Xaio turned around, glancing at the sun as he placed his sunglasses on and saw a few Ancient Constellations up in the sky.

“At first glance, it doesn’t particularly mean anything…” He said. “But, it is a riddle. The Starwalker’s used the knowledge they had and in the Stars, they show a path with a specific constellation. That path would lead us towards the Thunderstorm Bow.”

“How fast can you get us there?” Geal asked.

“Depends,” Xaio said. “Let’s keep moving for now.”

Envarus and Siansa would see the Constellation of the Eagle that always up in the sky, forever flying, forever free, in the search of a place to call home. They would see that the Eagle’s positioning and the Stars alignment pointed towards the north-west.

It was probably the best if the two would lead the group this time, as Amelia and Will didn’t have any knowledge with the Stars. They simply walked but they didn’t know if their path was the right one.

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Oire nodded.
"“S why I left. Couldn’t ‘andle everythin’ that was asked o’ me.”

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“Then you did what was right,” Candall states.

Marybird continues her song of sorrow. “Indeed. I wonder if Versing really cares 'bout our culture. He seems thirst’n for blood.”

Siansa looks at Candall and rhetorically asks, “When is wiping out a people well beyond your borders protection? That line was already crossed by the Isotixian King. I just hope you know where you stand on it.”

Siansa watches the sky, and beings walking towards the aligned stars. She looks at the rest getting her steed and Ashkey’s leading them by the reigns.

“It appears the stars are guiding us this way, best we follow them before someone else gets there before us.”