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There was a soothing silence as the bright sun rose from the sky, the sun was beginning set, in doing so the sunlight would illuminate the forests, grasslands, rivers, lakes, and plains, making them bloom and shine their true beauty. However the sunlight would not stop there it would continue till it reached a point where it even illuminated the colossal fortress-like castle of the ruler of Dragopia, Michael Bloodfang.

In the largest tower, Michael in his loyal robes stepped out, walking towards the balcony’s end and rested his hand on top of the small wall that served as protection so that nobody could fall.

Michael blinked a few times and slightly rubbed his eyes with his right hand, before letting out a yawn as he heard the callings of the morning sky dragons that already woke up and were flying through the clouds, sightly smiled at that.

“What is to know power all of your life…to only lose respect for that power, in due time…”

He recited the words out loud as he leaned forward and didn’t pay too much attention to his surroundings.

“You feel normal in your flesh…but when your people look up at you…what do they think?”

Michael then saw how two dragons, clearly a male and a female met and by the looks of how they were interacting with each other they had a romantic relationship going on.

“What is to have honor and integrity…when you’re willing to take and kill…so that what you love may live on forever…”

Michael felt the breeze of the warm morning air breezing and flow-through, passing by his face as his curly hair got taken by it for a moment.

“What is to be a good King…when your way to ensure your prosperity…is through bloodshed and war…”

As he looked around with his vision he could see two brother dragons fighting over something, of course, they weren’t hurting each other, it was just playful banter.

“Why do we hate death when it’s just a cold tru~…”

His mumblings stopped as his beautiful queen in her slink loyal robes came out and had a sleepy face, her hair messy as she was tiptoeing the cold concrete.

Not expecting her she suddenly wrapped her arms around his neck, from behind and kissed his cheek. “Good Morning, my love…” She said softly to him.

Michael snapped out of his trance and looked at her with a sly look. “Good Morning, my Queen.”

She closed her eyes in bliss as she rested her chin on his shoulder. “What were you mumbling about, love?” She asked.

“Uh…” Michael blinked and couldn’t make out a few words as she asked him that. “Nothing…” He turned around and wrapped his arms around her waist. “Let’s go back to bed…” He suggested as he walked with her.

“You know what would make me a really happy wife?” Katelyn asked all of a sudden.


“If you would change these horrible concrete floors, my feet are freezing…” She said with a slight tease but also meaning it as she kissed his jawline.

Michael chuckled softly. “I’ll see what I can do about it…” Michael gave in as they walked into their room and the doors closed.

Later that morning…

“You cannot be serious!” The voice of the Wizard called Ufeus boomed around Michael’s throne room at his preposterous idea.

Marvon, the Demonic Entity know as the Abyssal Artificer frowned his eyes slightly at Ufeus’ disrespecting tone. “I’d be careful if I were you, Ufeus.” He said with a stern tone. “You do not want to disrespect his Highness, do you?” He rhetorically asked.

Michael had his arm wrapped around Katelyn as she sat so comfortably on him while he used his free hand and rosed it up. “At ease, Marvon.” He said orders at him. “Let him speak.” He said.

“Lord Bloodfang, if I may…” Ufeus said stepping forward as Marvon kept dead eyeing him with a glare. “I do not doubt Dragopia’s army or you as its ruler but you need to take into consideration that people will retaliate and when they do and join forces…what will happen next?” He asked.

Michael’s other servants were there as well such as Xaio, Janus and Lee, all looking towards Michael for an explanation.

“You make a solid argument, Ufeus,” Michael said agreeing. “But I never underestimated that one day they might join forces together. Which is somewhat highly unlikely. Because the Isotix Empire are on their own, the Ippotismos Kingdom and Cloudia are in an alliance yes. But the Dwarf Kingdom will not be joining with the Elf Kingdom into battle because of their history and not to mention their dark counterparts wouldn’t even dream of joining forces. The Holy Dynasty are peacekeepers and their army is weak only having paladins to protect them. The republic has no military but the police that guard the streets. The Ice King will not interfere for we will not be trespassing his domain…at least not yet.” His tone implied more.

Ufeus looked at him for a moment, analyzing what he was saying, he always was a few steps ahead of everyone, wasn’t he?

“Let’s say that you are right and even if that is highly unlikely you think you can step on the Ippotismos Kingdom and Cloudia’s with an iron boot?” He asked.

Michael chuckled for a moment, his a bit dark but still humanlike. “Ufeus, who says I’ll be attacking them head-on?” He asked rhetorically. “That is why I have my trusty servants to take out their leaders in an instant, thus leaving them in disarray.”

“But people will still fight, innocent might get caught in the crossfire…” Ufeus took on a sad tone, almost begging him to rethink his idea.

“If that should be the case, they’ll still be vulnerable and my army of undead will take care of them.” He said. “And as for the innocent…” He paused. “Innocent people die…every time. I cannot save all. I am not a God. It may be too selfish of me but like my mother once told me. Sacrifices at times must be made.”

Marvon bowed slightly down to Michael. “Think nothing of it lord. It would be as if you are giving them mercy in the horrors that will happen when you unleash your full strengthened army.”

Michael slightly grinned. “I can always count to have you my back, can’t I. Marvon?”

Marvon grinned. “Of course, my liege…” He then turned around Ufeus and spoked. “As you can see, our Lord has no intention of backing down. Thus have we already without your consent made Dragopia an official country.”

Ufeus’ eyes widened. “You did what…?” His voice was trembling.

“It was only necessary…” Michael told him. “And if you have something against it, then speak up so it can be properly dealt with!” His toned increased.

Ufeus shooked his head and bowed down. “No my liege, your will is absolute.” He said before turning around and walked away.

Later that night…

Ufeus was packing his stuff, he was done with Michael Bloodfang. His ideas had no rational decision, he wanted world domination though not in a peaceful way, he would rather shed more blood than spare it.

As he walked out of his room he walked towards the treasure room. He thought if he was fast enough he could get it the Dragopian Artifact which Michael held in his most secure room.

Ufeus was no fool he knew how to unlock the chambers and so he did, taking a bit of his time till he saw the dawning Sunlight Blade, as he extended his hand to take it there was a thud that was caused by Michael’s stumping foot on the floor.

“What are you doing, Ufeus!” His tone boomed across the room as he turned around and looked at his former Ruler.

“What I should have done a long time ago…” Ufeus said. “You are not the benevolent King I once knew and followed. You let your power cloud your judgment and it will the downfall of you.”

“I’m only doing what is necessary!” Michael argued his eyes glowing with hatred.

“Then I will not be a part of it.” Ufeus shook his head until he let out a blast of magic energy at Michael which he countered with his energy beams from his eyes, the two kinetic forces collided in a clash as Michael slowly was overpowering Ufeus.

In a desperate attempt he lets the beam go and rolls out of the way, as Michael’s beams would hit the Sunlight blade and so it deflected the beams back, hitting Michael, unexpected it caused him to fall on the floor as Ufeus was making a run for it.

Ufeus knew he only had moments to spare as Michael got up and began taking speed, as he ran after Ufeus. He looked back and saw Michael enraged, he then looked forward again and created a portal which teleported him away, thus leaving Michael and his Kingdom for good.

In a fit of rage, Michael lets out a roar of hatred. “AAGRRRRRRRRRHHH!!!” His voice echoed and throughout the castle.

Twenty years have passed…

Ufeus learned that Michael needed to be stopped and so he kept in touch with a few Kingdoms as he was living in the Republic for this while. He asked for the Ippotismos Kingdom and Cloudia to form a clan for this mission.

Thus Will, Amelia, Norag, Leandro, and Alina were formed into a clan called the Sapphire Owls. They visited the Republic and short after talked with him about a plan that might work but they needed to give their all and work as a team. And so the plan was for the Sapphire Owls to go across the lands and collect powered individuals that together may stand a chance…

And thus a group of heroes was made, they have been invited to the Republic and have been told that they could go in whatever inn or place they wanted, they didn’t need to pay a thing. But they were on a schedule because when the clock hit Twelve, they would need to meet in the Capital of the Republic called Rohand.

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Clawripper entered into a small inn, not far from the administrative building, his claws clicking on the wooden floor.

He walked up to the check in desk, and tapped the bell on the desk, when he couldn’t see the concierge or proprietor.

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A maiden stepped out, she had long curly hair, colored in black and she had a pale skin with blue beautiful eyes. However, she was dressed like maiden with black and white cloth.

“Oh, I’m sorry to keep you waiting…” She said a bit shy as she noticed the dragon. “Of what may I be of service?” She asked politely.

As the matter of fact, it wasn’t that small of an inn, it was actually the best inn in the Republic. They had good business, it was called Jonathan’s Inn, of course not a unique name the only reason why they are so famous was because Jonathan, the person created this inn a long time ago, so word took out and it became famous.

Clawripper could notice that everything was new, the desk, chairs, tables, walls all made out of expensive but beautiful looking wood, there was some stone here in there but the place looked cozy and very warm.

“Nice place ya got here.” He observed. “I need a room, for how long I don’t know quite how long, but I doubt for more than a day or two.”

At the centre of Rohand a woman dressed in armour draped in crisp white fabric stood around, fidgeting impatiently, she would glance frequently up at the clock-tower as she muttered something about scheduling under her breath as she continued to loiter about.

A tall man garbed in priestly robes approaches the Woman “Are you alright Madam? I can’t help but notice you keep looking at that clock-tower…may I ask why?” As he came closer it became apparent his face was covered in an array of curious markings.

The lady looks at this curious priest and opens her mouth to speak, before quickly shutting it and narrowing her eyes.
“Oh, I’m perfectly fine,” she begins before lowering her voice to a whisper “However I am confused as to why you might be imitating a priest of the church of purity, you are aware fraud is quite the crime yes?”

She smiled at him complimenting the Inn. “Thank you. Y’know a lot of volks around here say the same thing.” She giggled before turning back into her professional self. “Alright, I’ll give you a room for two days.” She said.

She turned around and she got the key from the raft before turning back at him, handing it to him. “The room is upstairs, down the hallway and make a left, number thirteen is yours.” She gave him directions.

“And that would make about thirty gold coins…” She said, bringing her hands back to herself as she kept a smile on him, for happy customer purposes of course.

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He laid the required coins on the table. “Thank you ma’am” he said with a nod of his head. He then followed her directions to the appropriate room. He opened the door and stepped inside.

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The priest simply leans closer, smiling, lowering his voice to a similar volume, and replies “But I am a Priest of the Church of Purity… I see little point in stating the obvious. However…” his tone shifted “What confuses me (If I may be so bold) is Why a fellow member of my order would be clad head to toe in armour… and porcelain… one might suspect you have something to hide underneath that mask

He straightens up he steps back a few paces “Perhaps we got of on the wrong foot? would it be possible for us to bury the hatchet and share a drink at a local Tavern?

The armoured woman loosened up, somewhat, realising it would be best to not try to tease out secrets of any folk she encountered
“Are you suggesting that we partake of communion wine?”

Like there’s any other Wine to partake?” laughed the Priest as he gestures the armoured Woman to follow, heading towards Johnathan’s Inn.

When Clawripper entered his room he would see that it did not shy away with its incredible decorative artistic furnishings made out of wood. He had a big bed all for himself, a nice view out of the window and it felt cozy, having anything one might need during the stay in the inn.

The group called the Sapphire Owls were walking together, in the search for an inn as the clock was about ten, they had a lot of time on their hands to spend.

“We really have to go to an Inn?” Will asked as he looked around while they walked.

“What’s wrong with having a bit of fun?” Alina said. “We deserve this, don’t be that guy.” She playfully nudged his shoulder.

Norag laughed. “The only reason why he doesn’t want to is that he doesn’t want to remove his mask.” He continued to chuckle.

“Why is that?” Will asked. “I never said anything of me, not wanting to go.” He said.

Amelia turned her look at him. “Well, how else do you want to drink?” She smirked as she knew he got him there.

Will was silent for a moment before smirking. “I’ll find a way.” He said.

She sighed softly before turning her view back. “Of course, you will. Of course.” She rolled her eyes before she saw Jonathan’s Inn in the distance. “Hey, guys check this out.” She motioned to them to follow her.

“Oh, Jonathan’s Inn. Good choice, leader.” Leandro said teasingly before stepping forward and opening the door.

“How very gentleman of you,” Amelia said with a sarcastic tone before stepping forward and everyone after her, except for Will who was stopped by Leandro.

“Careful, Will. I might take her from you.” He said with a tease, just to get him worked up.

Will chuckled briefly before patting his shoulder. “Good luck with that.” He said before walking inside.

Leandro arched an eyebrow, of course, he was just playing. “Man, you never get worked up, do you?” He asked with a smirk. As the group found themselves a table and Amelia walked to the bar and ordered a few drinks, when he came back she placed them on the table and she took hers and so did everyone.

“To us!” Amelia toasted as they knocked the glass and they drank, Will, of course, had to think a bit outside the box and slightly tilted his mask upwards so that his lips were visible and drank as well…


She sighs before following him, with a bit more warmth in her voice she asks:
“I don’t believe I got your name priest care to share? I’m Irelle.”

Aldrich” the priest replies. As they enter the Inn he spies the Sapphire Owls, stepping past them he heads to the barmaid “Good Morning could I get a carafe of the house Wine?

“And some bread if you would be so kind, I uh…I skipped breakfast today.” Irelle sheepishly states

Clawripper looked around and nodded approvingly of the accommodations, then, he went downstairs to where he assumed the bar area was, a staple of most inns.

The maiden smiled happily towards him. “Good Morning.” She said with a polite tone before Aldrich didn’t waste time and said what he wanted. “Coming right up…”

She turned her look at them and nods. “Of course.” She said before getting the carafe out and poured some wine. She handed that to him. “Here you go.” Before she got out a freshly baked bread bun and handed it over to Irelle.

“Anything else?” She asked.

Clawripper would see that the Inn certainly got busy as the group called the Sapphire Owls were there and were having a toast and a drink, while Aldrich and Irelle were ordering something, perhaps were those two the powered individuals the Owls recruited?

Clawripper walked up to the bar, and ordered a milled mead, if you please.

Siansa enters an inn, looking at the invitation with a complexed complexion. She heads for the bar and takes a seat at a lone table, hoping to not bring attention to herself.

Siansa rests her head in her arms as she places her elbows on the table. With her temporary pillow complete, she mutters the word “why” in quiet and frequent repetition.

The white haired young woman lifts her head in a rather tired sigh. Her hair playfully dancing as she shakes her head around.

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