The Collapse of an Empire | RP Topic

Drackh remains alone in the room, so he sits down and relaxes

In the rooms of: Amelia, Candall (@Chronicler), Fran (@Ruh), and Aldrich (@Bramsley), there appeared a letter, one for each.

Fran who had removed her damaged leg to clean away any fragments that might cause long term discomfort, pushed Aldrich’s blade back to him.
“Thank you but no thank you. I shall manage on my own.”
She then shuffles over to the letter

“Okay.” Ashkey nodded.

“Yeh’d be right.” Oire nodded. “Isotixian through an’ through.”

Candall will go to the blacksmith to buy a new shield.

Though Candall did not go to his room, Marybird did, and she noticed the letter. She opens it.

Placing his sword down momentarily Aldrich picks up the letter and examines it.

Siansa stretches, “Some sustenance in the stomach sounds like a good idea. I could use a good roasted steak.”

She smiles placing her finger on her lip, “But I do suppose I shouldn’t use my magic while I’m here. I wouldn’t want to set a bad example.”

“I can ask something for us…?” The Black Raven suggested. “Let’s get a table and I’ll order two roasted steaks.” He said, walking towards a free table and sat down, a Waiter came towards them and Will told him two roasted steaks with something to drink would be their order.

“Hey, Siansa…?” He asked. “If you want, tomorrow we can explore Tempus City,” Will suggested. “And yeah, I’m asking you pretty much on a date.”


Candall would receive a standard shield.

(Is it a kite shield? Eh, I can flavor it is.)

Siansa looks at Will, “Hmm… I guess that means we’ll need to someone to babysit the bow and warhammer, or… we’ll need to take them with us… but I’ll be honest going out fully kitted out with the warhammer and bow doesn’t sound too much like a date. It almost sounds like an outing!”

She grabs a roasted steak and chomps down on it, eating it rather quickly.

“Already two steps ahead of you.” Will said with a smirk. “We can lock the room and I can hide things pretty well, so it shouldn’t be a problem.” He shrugged. “If anything, I can have Leandro and Norag guard the place.” He mentions.

Will then thought of something. “Well, this means I can’t have my weapons with me…” He said. “I’ll have my sword at least, but not my combat gear. Just in case…or am I being too protective?” He asked.

Will started to eat his roasted steak as well, though not as fast as her. “I mean, I have a promise to hold to your superdad.” He smirked. (@Flux)

The fat letter was written on parchment, and sealed with a wax seal with a claw mark imprinted into it. The seal broke easily. Inside were several sheets of music, for a tune called Twa Recruiting Sergeants and a letter, written in a flowing script.

Dear Candall and Marybird

I hope you are doing well. I certainly have. I’m currently in the edge of dwarven territory, in a little town where the dwarven and Dragopian boarders meet. I have somehow managed to aquire a room almost free of charge. Apparently the town had been set upon by Brigands the past couple months, but since I arrived they’ve thought twice about it, due to the presence of a dragon. Smart. I intend to try and hunt down these criminals, and bring them to justice. As for the free room and board, the owner’s daughter seems to have taken a shine to me, and convinced her father to let me board for free. I tried to pay, but he wouldn’t have it. She’s fair enough, but I’ve never been attracted to other species. Also, for you in particular Marybird, I included some sheet music I copied off a traveling singer. I hadn’t seen it before, but I thought you might appreciate it. Be sure to write me back about your recent escapades!

Your friend and compatriot,


The music, if played and sung, would sound like this.

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“Superdad?” Siansa raises an eyebrow, “Is that so?.. However if we’re going to do this as a proper date, then we’ll need to dress for the occasion… I have a lovely dress I bought that I think will go well for this date.”


Ulfrsen the Wall sits on a stool, all his equipment hangs from the back of his large frame. He is dressed in cloth armor and is drinking a large mug of ale. He looks at his companion, Deluge, he thinks is his name.

“You need to loosen up!” He roared in his loud and hearty voice. Ulfr slams his drink down, “I swear by my father’s name that I will never know what you are thinking!”

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“Well uh…” He rubbed the back of his head. “He did look at me as if he wanted to eat me, so…” He chuckled nervously. “Especially with that part of me protecting you at all cost. I fear like he will be very hard to please.” He sighed softly, before listening to her saying that she’s got a nice dress for the occasion.

“Proper date…yeah…” He nods. “I suppose, I’ll leave my equipment here. I actually have to do some shopping myself, because well um…” He rubbed the back of his head again. “I didn’t bring any nice clothes for a date. And I think it will actually hide my Black Raven persona very well, you see the more I get near Ippotismos, the more people recognize me and pretty much treat me like a famous guy. Hence, I’ll be keeping low around here, only when absolutely necessary I’ll be the Black Raven.”

He then finished his meal. “But today, we should relax.” He mentioned. “So you’re up to explore our room together?” He placed the key on the table. (@Flux)

Deluge wheezed in response, the heavy breath shaking their rugged looking furry coat. From beneath their clay mask two eyes glared at his companion. They took a sip from their tankard before speaking
“And I’d say that you’re far too loudmouthed, I don’t see why you find it necessary to shout everything that comes into that thick skull of yours.” The comment was more of a playful jab than a true insult

“I’ll need to change first, into the dress… and while we’re out there we might as well get you a new mask…”

She takes the key and heads for room six, locking it behind her. Siansa grabs the white flower dress she bought earlier with Amelia and changes into it.


He laughed in a hearty laugh and could be heard outside the tavern.


Deluge simply puts their head in their hands and sighs

Will nods to Siansa. “Alright, I’ll be waiting here downstairs.” He said to her, as he glanced at her leaving. He sighed with his shoulders untensing and falling down, just like his face that was leaning against his hand, which was bent on the elbow on the table.

Amelia walked towards Will. “Well somebody’s got a big day.” Amelia teasingly said.

“Don’t.” He rose his hand at her, pointing with his index finger up.

“Well, you are not planning on going on a date like this, are you?” She asked, crossing her arms.

“You expect me to walk without my swords?” He asked.

“Oh boy…” She sighed. “I should have told her you are pretty attached to your stuff. No wonder you got so many fans when you wear the uniform, you dingus.”

“You have a better idea?” He asked.

“Yup, hand me the swords and I’ll give you a shoulder bag to put your old clothes in.” Amelia said, taking his swords and offering him the bag. “Oh and one thing, women love subtlety.”

Will chuckled briefly. “I’ll keep that in mind.” He said standing up, feeling rather naked without his swords as he was just in his uniform, waiting by the doors for Siansa. (@Flux)

Marybird smiles, fond of the letter that was given to her.

“I’ll make sure Candall sees this too,” she remarks.

The letter was in a simple white envelope, with a red wax seal on the back, with a clawmark in it. When she broke the seal, the letter inside would be written in careful flowing script, and read thus.

Good friend Fran, (hey, that was alliterative!)

I hope you are doing well. I certainly have been. I’ve found a place to hole up in on the edge of dwarven territory, in a little town where the dwarven and Dragopian boarders meet. Thanks to my apparent good looks, I somehow have managed to aquire a room almost free of charge. Apparently the town had been set upon by various thieves and lowlifes the past couple months, but since I arrived, the attacks have stopped. I guess I’m scarier than I thought! I intend to try and hunt down these criminals, and bring them to justice once I get the chance. As for the free room and board, the owner’s daughter apparently seems to have taken a liking to me, and convinced her father to let me board for free. I tried to pay, but he wouldn’t have it. She’s pretty enough, but I’ve never been attracted to other species. If you have any Ideas on how to turn her heart to another, please let me know. She’s nice enough, and I’d hate to see her hurt. Anyway, hang in there, and don’t let those dreams bother you, alright?

Your friend and compatriot,