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Why did he run away?


He busted the window, that helped

I mean, yeah I guess it can work as a character development but it was truly nothing he could do. Only Alina from the Sapphire Owls could do something, plus the reason why I didn’t have them come there and stuff.

You guys post so much I can barely keep up with and my posts are long and descriptive. Plus I was like busy, I took a nap and I had to do other stuff, so it wasn’t as easy to keep up as one might think, so that is the reason as to why the Owls were not there, even though Fran was screaming.

And now I wanted for Amelia to give that speech but looks like we gotta find Clawripper. Shame how the pet run away

Exactly, and he hates the feeling of helplessness. I’ll explain it better when the time comes.

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Fran didn’t scream, she yelped a couple times but Reyna was doing the heavy lifting in the audio department

Yeah, I know that feeling. I said nothing against it.

Well, what you did was unexpected so I didn’t react properly in time. My excuse, life buddy.

laughs in curveball

Don’t think this will happen again

Oh it won’t

Or will it?

I won’t allow you to overwhelm me again. It will ruin my reputation as a GM.

I suppose I was just doing what I do best…really nasty stuff.

Yeah it was a good move on your part to give the players something to do. It was my mistake for allowing things to overwhelm me.


Lol so true but actually in Star Wars she simply lost the will to live.


Gotta love bootleg subtitles


To be honest, I didn’t understand anything. That is not english but I suppose that is bootleg subtitles.


Okay, I’m a bit confused now, what exactly is your character doing? Is he on top of the cliff, or the base?