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On top, I was under the impression Clawripper was at the base

Oh, no he was on a ridge, about halfway. I thought you were at the base! :sweat_smile:

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No worries i’ll quickly edit that.

Edit: does this work?

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Welp, that did not quite go as I intended.

what happened?

Aldrich and Clawripper had a conversation, and Aldrich completely misunderstood Clawripper’s concerns.

Not unsurprising though, considering Clawripper’s past actions.

Yeah, I’ve read that. What you do is up to you, know that your actions affect the narrative.

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Yep, i have an idea, but it requires a slight edit on @Bramsley’s part. Aldrich left a bit too quickly. I was gonna have CR call him back.

Otherwise, to stay IC, CR would just stay there. Maybe check in on Fran, but that’s about it.

Though, if he doesn’t want to, I’ve got some Ideas on how to use CR goign forward thay don’t require him being in the group.

I’m deciding whether I want CR to take a bit of a backseat role, due to my encroaching college classes, or have him rejoin the group and become a stronger charecter.

Heck, Friday, (my free day) could become Clawripper day, with a letter or occasional visit from him.


OK I am back. What all happened?

Basically, Fran’s stabilized, there’s a strategy meeting.

In addition, Clawripper’s taking a backseat now, due to some Issues IRL, and in-RP. He’ll still be present via mail and the occasional visit.


Some character interactions nothing too serious. Though impactful story-wise towards the plot. Here is the posts, it’ll explain it much better than I would right now.


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Except for the fact that Clawripper won’t be with the group anymore.

I thought he changed his mind?

No, for reasons above, I’m gonna make him a sort of guest charecter. A letter every friday, (assuming that the crew aren’t busy) and the occasional visit.

Okay, can you elaborate? I’m not sure I follow.

Essentially, college starts next week, and I won’t have time to keep with this RP much. Instead of leaving it entirely however, I’ll have Clawripper leave the group. Most Friday’s, (my free day) I’ll have him send a letter, assuming situations don’t prevent the party from receiving them. He may even drop in for the weekend, depending on how ducky I feel. I’ll be reading it, keeping my eye on it, but my schedule is restrictive enough so that I can’t interact meaningfully.


Hmm, that is very unfortunate but I understand. However, what about your other RPs you are participating on?

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Yeah, college can be rough on the schedule. I myself am working on a thesis at the moment.

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Don’t tell me you are going to go too.

Depends. Salvation is slow and low enough, that I can do my stuff in the morning and be good for the day.

Machine wars… I don’t know, not active enough to make a huge difference.