The complete Brotherhood of Makuta (100 drawings)

(I know I said this will take a while to upload, but… I felt motivated enough to scan all drawings already so why wait?)


As I’ve already announced yesterday in the project topic, I’ve finally managed to complete the second (personal) goal of the Brotherhood Project (first goal was getting the project completed). I’ve drawn every single entry into the project (except for the original Krika since the pictures were lost - instead I drew my revamp of him) - 100 drawings total - over the last… 4 years.

I’ve said so multiple times before and will do so again now in case of misunderstandings - I’m not a very good artist. This whole drawing thing was mostly to my personal amusement. So don’t get mad at me for screwing things up here and there :stuck_out_tongue:. And I did screw up some drawings. The reason why you see those is because of a single rule I set myself at the beginning of this undertaking:

Only one try per Makuta

Of course I redid small aspects of the drawing while drawing, but when I reached the point where something looked bad and redoing it would have meant erasing half of everything I did up to that point I decided to make the best out of what I had instead of leaving giant splotches on the paper from erasing. The reason I didn’t start anew was simple - 100 drawings are a lot for someone who usually scribbles a bit with a pencil once or twice a year. I wanted to get this finished in a reasonable time - and it still took me 4 years. At least personally I think that for the most part the drawings turned out alright.

What I can otherwise say about the drawing…style, I guess, is this:

  • I tended towards staying close to the MOC design
  • originally I planned to do simpler drawings, but eventually abandonded that, so the early drawings (first 20 or so?) do lack detail in comparison to the later ones
  • anything that’s different from the MOC is either artistic liberty or me having messed something up (:sweat_smile:) If you’re really curious about what it was/what I thought while drawing a certain picture, feel free to ask. By the way CCBS MOCs were more likely to be hit by artistic liberty.
  • I suck at coming up with mask designs. At least I was able to draw from a few sources in some cases.
  • except for Kindrix, Miserix and Teridax, the pictures are sorted by name, not by when they were drawn - due to my “one try” rule I also didn’t change any names that were modified since.
  • the individual Makuta were drawn in the order in which they were originally uploaded for the most part
  • I didn’t bother with colouring since my experience in that regard goes towards zero. I didn’t want to mess anything up even more
  • the aim was to make all Makuta about the same size. Let’s say my aim was a little off at times

I guess that’s everything I have to say for now. Feel free to comment or give criticism.

First off - group picture. You can get to the individual topics through the links in the topic linked above, but the pictures won’t work anymore in several of them, so have this:

(the MOC picture of Jasax is lost)

And… group picture:

So, to start things off - a short overview of how my drawing style changed over time:

Here’s Kindrix, by me, as the first drawing, Miserix, MOC by @Toa_Heatwave, as drawing number 50 and Teridax, MOC by @Payinku, as drawing number 100

And now the rest:

Based on the MOCs by @MakutaTexxidos, me, @Lord_Tuma, MysteryMuffin
(Aplekisa’s name was changed to Apaliska since)

Based on the MOCs by @Styrofoam, @StudentScissors, @Ahkmou
(Aveeccious has been changed to Avecious since)
Belgahn’s mask design is based on the design for the Mask of Charisma by RSG.

Based on the MOCs by Willess12, @ToaPanda, @Distraxx
(Boldorah has been renamed Vozatth since)

Based on the MOCs by @Sushiyoda, @ReeseEH, Xing1870

Based on the MOCs by @Racie02, @Leoxander, @ToaNoah_Wafflemeister
(Crytoss has been renamed Karangu since)
I got help on Chisk’s mask design from Sammythekat

Based on the MOCs by Toa_Vladin, chikenbond (uploaded by Windfall), @Timeline15, @TBT_Emerald

Based on the MOCs by Silver_Falcon, @AdamusTheFirst, Chronicler

Based on the MOCs by LurkingEhlek, @Gringat

Based on the MOCs by Styrofoam, P1gNinja, @pizzacheetah

Based on the MOCs by Toa_Heatwave, @ToaPanda, Willess12

Based on the MOCs by @Condraxis, me, DG_Eddie

Based on the MOCs by @Solaris, RedHuna101, @Kardax
(Jsasax has been renamed Jasax since)

Based on the MOCs by @Povak, @Abyss_Lockstrider, Toa_Radrix, Condraxis
Kidrov’s mask design is the Mask of Rahi Control by RSG.

Based on the MOCs by Payinku, me, Leoxander

Based on the MOCs by @darkbrick999, Timeline15, Povak

Based on the MOCs by @Irrie, MakutaTexxidos, me

Based on the MOCs by Povak, MysteryMuffin, @Hawkflight, TBT_Emerald
Nebunie’s Mask design is based on Scorpion_Strike’s design

Based on the MOCs by @Nogus1, me, The_Wanderer

Based on the MOCs by @Kikoa, @Wolk, Gringat, @Sciencegiraffe
(Reppirax has been changed to Repirax since)
Sammythekat again assisted me with Repirax’s mask design

Based on the MOCs by @Cyclopian, @Sammythekat, @LegoDavid, SmeatyFlavor
Sadakon’s mask design is heavily based on RSG’s Great and Nuva designs for the Mask of Conjuration.

Based on the MOCs by chickenbond (uploaded by Windfall), Styrofoam, TBT_Emerald, The_Wanderer

Based on the MOCs by @Samtastictogo, @Maarlfox, Chronicler
(Straintol has been renamed Orexus since)

Based on the MOCs by @TheRed1s, The_Wanderer, @Miraku
(Tethis has been renamed Akima since)
Thiren’s Mask design is heavily based on RSG’s design for the Mask of Rahi Control.

Based on the MOCs by @Jemoph, Toa_Heatwave, @Whovian41110, Racie02

Based on the MOCs by @Mr.Monopoly, Windfall, @EvilLobsterKing, @Holi

Based on the MOCs by @Inertiic, Racie02, AdamusTheFirst, Maarlfox
(Venarak has been renamed Vekaron since)

Based on the MOCs by darkbrick999, MysteryMuffin, @SteampunkTahu
(Wreigth has been renamed Wamruu since)

Based on the MOCs by Sushiyoda, Willess12, @Aegyptiacus
Yandra’s mask is based on Chisk’s and thus by extension on @Sammythekat’s design.
And before you ask, yes Yandra’s mask has no eyesholes. This is because that was mentioned in the backstory. If I’d draw her again I’d give the mask eyeholes. Looks weird without.

Based on the MOCs by Racie02, @PotatoAlien, Willess12, Mr.Monopoly

And that’s it. I really hope I didn’t make any mistakes or forgot anyone…
(unfortunately I can’t @ more than 50 different people, so I threw out a few @ before the name from people who haven’t been online here for at least about a year)

By the way, if you think these drawings are super bad and you can do much better - feel free to! I’d love to see better drawings of these characters!


One big happy family.


Unfortunately 99% are dead. The tragedy of the Makuta species…


It’s so cool to see them all together like this

And man oh man that Vamprah drawing is an improvement


i find them super great. hoping some day i’m going to have enough talet to do it the way you can. but i can only have talent for recipes. lol. anyway
LobsterKing is right, seeing them together is… perfection.


After more than 5 years of hard work… It’s finally done!
Thank you so much for starting this project, Gilahu! It’s been an honor to be part of it!


I’m proud I’ve been part of this project, thanks Gilahu!


These are great! Seeing them makes me feel like whipping up a few sketches of my own for the Makuta I built. Commenting specifically on the drawings of the MOCs I contributed:

  • I love the way you did Miserix’s mask, making it more draconic, and the Mata Nui Stone is a great touch
  • For Icarax, I love the addition of the Rahkshi symbol on his Rotating Blades!
  • I like the way you altered the shape of Tridax’s Kiril to make it look more…I guess I’d say “pompous?” “Stuffy?” I don’t know, but whatever it is works really well…

Great job on these, @Gilahu, and on this project as a whole! Your ambition and dedication is inspiring, and I look forward to seeing how you and the RSG crew incorporate these guys and gals into their story!


Thanks for bringing us together for this project and for all the hard work you’ve put in! The drawings are glorious.

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And so the it is finally done. Amazing work!

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Very admirable effort. This is a great tribute you have given.

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Love the personality you gave each Makuta.

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Thanks, guys!

But let me also thank again everyone who participated in the project. Without you I would probably still be only about 1/5th done.

I actually accidentally put the symbol on there upside down, though :sweat_smile:

Actually you know what?
I also have a step by step thing of how I did those drawings which I took years ago for exactly this moment. So that shouldn’t go to waste, right?

The example uses Hormahk by @pizzacheetah:

  1. Look at MOC (here’s the original):

  2. Quick sketch to know what goes where since I usually wasn’t actually looking at the MOCs when I drew them (one of the main reasons why I did the drawings in the first place was because I wanted something to do that didn’t involve staring at a screen)

Of course this is where the mistakes in the form of missing parts/misinterpreted parts happened. Especially since at times weeks went by between the quick sketch and me starting on the actual drawing. :sweat_smile:

  1. Paper prepared, adding rough sketch outlining the pose I came up with for the Makuta

  2. Constructing the drawing - I looked at the actual parts from my collection when I drew them - except sometimes for CCBS parts because I either couldn’t be bothered to dig through my CCBS sets or I actually didn’t own the parts in question.

  3. Retracing every line again with pencil, add name.

  4. Cut drawing out and finished. Most of the ealier drawings I actually finished within 2-3 hours, if even that. The more detailed later ones I usually did in 3-5 sessions of 1-2 hours.

Hm… I wonder if in the future I’ll try to draw every Makuta again to improve on these. Or maybe I’ll draw my revamps… No promises, though! For the moment I’m definitely done with drawing Makuta :laughing:


I love them all! The take on Diadus looks very neat! Definitely takes the original MOC and then fits it into the “weapon mender” occupation quite well!

Very cool to see this project reaching towards its conclusion! (I assume)

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It was an honor taking part in this endeavor

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It’s kinda crazy how long ago this started. Glad it never fully fell through.


Why didn’t you ping @Gringat in this?

An impressive endeavor! I like the personality given to Manguopo, with the lower arms being crossed. Also, The additional patterns on Wanitama really add to what I now see as a bit of a boirng design. I’m actually working on revamps of the pair now, and these drawings are great inspiration.

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Alright, so:

Zurta: I quite like the hunchback look, and the exaggerated aquatc features he has – really sells the idea that he looks like a twisted mix between a Makuta and a sea creature.

Xoth: One of the simpler ones, but he is a rather simple character. Some nice details, though – the shoulder blades definitely evoke the look I tried to get with the second Moc (though I’m guessing this was drawn before Xoth 2.0). Is that the UDD symbol on his necklace? Nick touch!

Isthra: Combining my favorite aspects of your and my mocs, this one is my favorite of my Makuta. It’s a small detail, but I love how you merged the pattern on the Inika feet on the chest.
(also, I did not notice until literally just now that both Isthra and Xoth have Inika thighs on their pelvis. A nice little detail that was wholly unintentional on my part, glad you were able to include it here)

Bitil: I like how the mask looks like a pre-mutated Mohtrek, and that’s a neat adaptation of his wings. I do kinda wish there was more detail, since Bitil’s probably my favorite of my Makuta Mocs, but I get it was one of the first ones.

Some other details I like, from other Makuta:

Kaihodian’s tentacle whip thing is a cool interpretation of his tool.

Kerona’s sleeves – not sure why you gave him those, but they really give the drawing a touch of character.

Sachel’s cloak. Might have to make a moc with that design sometime (though I say that a lot, who knows if I’ll ever actually do it)

Sidoshi’s mask: nice mix of the Rode and the Gresh mask the Moc has.

Vulon’s kneepads, the Brain-attack chestplate to 2015 add-on flows seamlessly.

Wanitama, in general: his mask pattern, his Edward scissorhands, plus his fern, and those shoulderpads, the gauntlets – probably my favorite drawing of the bunch.

Kojol holding a virus. Nearly missed that at first. Surprised you didn’t give one to Mutran, though I guess a virus is kinda Kojol’s big thing (as well as stealing the Avohkii.)

Fairly certain you’re allowed to make a second post in such instances to tag everyone.


It’s Here! It’s Beautiful, they’re all amazing, each is accurate but well styled. Great job!

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