The Cons of Bionicle

I know I know, Bionicle is a near-perfect thing filled with a nice story and good sets. However, since I have yet to see one, lets generate talk on the things we Dislike About bionicle, sets and story

Let me list a few topics…

-Bad pieces
-hukixMaku debunked by Greg
-Loose ends
-Great beings not being shown(except Velika)
-the un-finished story of G1
-Inconsistency between media
-Legend reborn

There’s a few things I dislike about bionicle in general…


Well, the Barraki were ex-cons.

But seriously…I wish there hadn’t been quite as many characters, so that there would have been more space for individual character development.


My major con is how they’re hard to animate and the lack of tutorials on how to do so.


Actually, there were some good parts in that movie. They were like specs of sugar in a big [insert your least favorite food] though.


Overly Complex story that drove away new fans.


In terms of sets? Cheap plastic. I think all parts with ball sockets from 08 are broken.

Story-wise, sure there are a few cons. I think the biggest con would be the sheer complexity. While I do like a rich story, I think most people agree that I became so bloated that it became ridiculous.

On a pure storytelling terms, I think parts of it could have been done better. A con of the narrative is that it exists solely to promote sets. As a result some parts could not be as smooth as they could be. The entirety of 2005, for example.


Too simple and repetitive builds…

Obligatory mention of out of place colors…



Nuva Cube and Nuva Symbols. They had an awesome design but didn’t make much sense why they existed.



Apperantly Artakha created them for the nuva(how he made them that fast and how he knew idk) and apperantly it got to mata nui. Thier initial purpose was to control the Nuva’s new powers of the elements. IDK where it is now but Tahu’s is currently deactivated due to his devolving into a Mata



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The fact that we didn’t get bio-mechanical dinosaurs.


One big thing that sucked in Bionicle is when they introduced the new, cheaper plastic pieces. I swear every single one that I have had got a crack on it but the old ones? No problem. I would supply images but I’m using my Ipod and it doesn’t work. Maybe I’ll upload some when I get on my computer.

Beside that I don’t think I’ve had any problems with Bionicle or complaints (besides it ending) which may have been for the greater good.


I’m not against the complex story, I loved it. But the way they distributed canon was all over the place. There wasn’t a central source for the canon unless you went to BS01. With the comics, the books, the serials, the movies and etc., it was too much cross referencing for me.


I’m not entirely sure that’s a con, given that I got into BIONICLE three years before it ended and absorbed pretty much all the information well enough. BIONICLE G1 had a nice “core story” and, if you wanted, you could go beyond and enjoy, a lot like Star Wars or Marvel. That core story is what existed in the form of set descriptions and commercials, the mid-complex story in the books and movies, the more complex story in the form of “guides”, the Farshtey Canon Dialogues, to an extent the comics.


Tahu and Gali’s mask designs in '08

And the story in '09


Oh yeah, and blue pins


The Toa Mistika designs were ew. Seriously. I mean, they would have worked for other characters but they just didn’t look like Gali, Tahu, and Onua to me. The Phantoka were at least similar.
I didn’t like Makuta being a species. I agree with @Viper about it really taking away from the whole “two brothers” thing.
Agree about too many characters/not enough development. I mean sure, the Toa in general were pretty developed, but, some were focused on above the others. For example 2004/05 was pretty much all about Vakama.
Removing gear functions after '05.
Too much silver.


@Hawkflight Don’t forget red axles.

@noob1234 I don’t mind the Makuta as a species, but I agree on everything else.


Yeah, if they’d used those on the red sets, and the old black ones on the other sets, it’ve been better. Same with the blue pins.


That kinda goes against why they would use them in the first place… (contrast for easier building)

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