The Cons of Bionicle

And the waves that she appear in, the set was pretty bad.


Well HF and Bionicle were sets aimed specificly at little boys and they are robots who have very little to no gender differences...basicly like transformers


Phantoka and easy to break pieces, even though they looked really cool, they were cheaply manufactured sadly.
The ending: it was rushed, and I know it was supposed to be cooler and longer, but the end was handled badly, mainly set wise. Story was ok, it would've been better if Greg got his way.
I see the lack of female characters debate and I agree, there could've been more.
Also, then end of collectible masks, or at least when they ended. I think it would've been cool if they ended with the toa metru, cause imagine how cool variations would've been on those masks.
Lack of change in the last few years of bionicle. Keeping over all the inika build, which was a great build, but if they could have shifted away from that to something more original, that ould've been awesome.
Squid launchers. HOW DO THEY EVEN WORK?!?!
The movies: WAIT! before you freak out, I enjoy the movies, but honestly, they could've been animated better, like how they did the commercials? imagine a bionicle movie with that cool animation. and maybe less cheesy...
And while this doesn't bother me, but it might've worked better if these were all black, but the multiple colors for the pins and axles? I think just black would've been cheaper and look nicer. But hey, only a minor thing to me.
The fact that certain characters didn't get sets.
AND FINALLY, I've already brushed this, but the final wave of sets. They made me sad inside. Though, I did like the bringing back of two kanohi.
OK that all being said, I still freakin' love Bionicle, I was just tossing the only flaws I could think of. So... yeah.


Actually, on the round pins, you need two colors to differentiate between the friction pieces and the non-friction pieces. The axles, though, could've been all black.

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I never really see this as a viable excuse, even if it was aimed at little male children having more female characters in the main cast would only serve the line itself well. After all, Power Rangers is also aimed towards little male kids, or was I can't be sure anymore as I don't follow it anymore, but even they had two female team members in a usual team of five, if I'm remembering correctly. Gender also follows different rules than physical differences, as any psychologist will tell you, but Lego uses it in this context to make the characters relatable. May as well make them relatable to a wider audience, IMO.

But, that's besides the point. More since the line appeals to a wider audience than little boys and Lego should realize and take advantage of that, especially when they want the line to be a success and sell. Sell more if you market to a larger audience.

I'm not holding my breath for better representation, but I still hope it comes with the new series as it was a major issue I had with the last. If not... I guess I have to say "oh well" and critique that aspect of the new line, too.


Uh, why does this topic exist? BIONICLE is absolutely flawless, and if you disagree then you really shouldn't be on this site. Go away and never come back.



Kidding, of course! But yeah - lack of finished storyline, plot holes, Karzahni's original form never made into a set - there are a few cons. I'm also really against the lack of canonical romance, given that there is no logical reason why there shouldn't be. I also feel they should've made more characters as sets - e.g. Artahka, Tren Krom, Lariska, Tuyet, the Mangai, etc.


fair point, but was there a difference between the half pin half axles that were blue or black? Because the Toa Nuva had black ones, but after that they were always blue... but I swear they were the same friction

They are. Initially, the friction ones were black and the non-friction ones were light gray. Now the friction ones are blue and the non-friction ones are tan. Same pieces, different colors.
(Off-topic: I keep wanting to type fiction and non-fiction)


I think there is. Romance is rooted in the need/desire to reproduce, which Matoran don't have. They could have very close platonic friendships, but romance would be an alien concept to them. So it would make sense if, say, Macku and Hewkii got along really well, but only in a platonic way.

I should add that I'm not talking about the reboot.


I'll have you know that as of 2015, with the advent of Skylar(er? or?), we're up to a solid...


yeah, 3 characters who actually have minifigs.



that's out of how many characters?

Uh, heroes? 7. 7 male characters.

\All the villains and such in addition? Not even gonna try.


Actually that's easy:
Skulkin: 4 minor, 4 major = 8
Serpentine: 4 from each tribe plus Pythor = 17 +8 = 25
Stone Army: 4 normal, Kuzo, and the Overlord = 6 + 25 = 31
Nindroids: 2 different classes of normal Nindroids, plus Mindroid and Cryptor, and Cyrus = 5 + 31 = 36

It's Kozu.

But I see.

Adding in all that certainly makes that three seem really insignificant.


Personally, in my own headcanon, there are one or two female Serpentine from each tribe (not the general), which kinda helps a bit.

i.e. Lizaru, the Venomari Warrior (third rank), is female. He/she never got a full story role, and as such can be changed around as such.

Asurwolf and I had like, a three hour conversation at least debating which Serpentine were female. Our logic: Serpentine can't live forever, so there had to be some form of reproduction during their time locked in the five tombs, so there had to be two genders.

There's also Selma, the pink Hypnobrai, but she never got an official minifigure or much importance at all.

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With all due respect, I have to disagree. Call it "bias" from my religious beliefs, but I think love has much deeper roots than simply the desire to reproduce. I mean, friendship is, in itself, a form of love - referred to as brotherly love. The respect and worship shown towards a deity should also be considered a love, or spiritual love. All forms of love are connected, and you can't be able to show the love of friendship or spiritual love without also being capable to show the other forms.

Not to mention that, if romantic love really was just the desire for reproduction, than that renders marriage as an obsolete ritual (as so many people today believe). If this is true, than marriage should never have been created in the first place - and yet it was. Bottom line, I believe love is a sacred emotion/feeling for another individual, not just sexual desire.


Gotta agree with @Jakura on this.

If you delve into your Bible (for those who do this sort of thing stuck_out_tongue ) there are various words used to describe specific types of love. There's a passage in the New Testament concerning Peter and Jesus that uses phileo (spelling?) and agape (spelling again). Translated to English, phileo means brotherly love (a kind of familial love, hence Philadelphia) whereas agape is the deepest form of love there is. Our culture doesn't seem to understand these kinds of distinctions with love. So you could say that the love amongst Toa is phileo, a desire to care for your "brothers and sisters". That's how I've perceived it.

Now I'll step off my soap-box stuck_out_tongue


So, we are kinda getting into religion here arent we?
can we go back to bionicle?


While I certainly agree with @Leoxandar (BTW, nice Biblical reference - one I forgot to make), I have to agree with @pot8o - while I could debate about this all day, we're getting off-topic.

So, for that matter, I'll list another con of Bionicle - scale. One thing that always extremely annoyed me (and which stems from my love for Transformers) is the lack of accurate scale across the years, especially concerning the Toa and Matoran.


1) The Bohrok-Kal were (IMO) yawn-worthy villains in the books.

2) The crazy amount of powers everybody seems to have.

3) The whole "Search for the Masks" storyline in 01/02.