The Cons of Bionicle



Eh...I would have to be be price. I know it's a common complaint, but the one thing I hated the most was not being able to getting an AWESOME titan set because nether I, nor my rents could afford getting more than one or two a year.

But my other complaint: the lack of collectibles in the later years.


Too...Many....Characters and not enough screen time : p


Yea, that's why I gave up on making a stop motion.

I believe there is a way, but it requires something called a stop motion rig.

stop motion rig?

Yes, a stop motion rig.

This video features it.

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Wow. Never expected that.

I think that's the way to go. I know the Bohrokman used a few rigs in his "Krana" animation.

Here are some:
- '08 Gali looked like a man
- Mata brains being so hard to get out (I've taken them out so many times they're like minifigure arms now, so it's not that much of a problem to me)
- We only got 2 Toa Hagah
- Nuva masks (except the Akaku Nuva)
- Stars being Matoran sized (where I live I had to pay $16 each for them, if they were canister sets they would have only cost me $20 each and they'd be worth it a bit more)


The story that became filled with utter useless fluff that only served to make it seem larger and more complex than it really was. Also, the hand a lot of fans had in this outcome while the story was being written.

Very little female characters existed, the ones that did were mediocre at best. Symptom of putting aside one village of six to be "the female village" and only having one of each element represented in each set wave (creating a massive disparity in male and female characters). Roodaka was an utter joke that didn't belong.

The massive shifts the atmosphere kept taking. You start on tribal, mysterious Mata-Nui. You then suddenly shift to a big city, an advanced society, with all kinds of technology and political corruption. You then shift into the post apocalyptic with more political backstabbing and genetic mutations abound. Then the story becomes darker, edgier, gritter as characters are killed more often and more violently, as sets are made with bloodstains on their faces, as you have every individual conspiring against one another and begin creating sad spinoffs of eldritch gods. You now have war criminals whose only characteristics are "violent, evil and dangerous."

Makuta. Makuta was a dark shadow they could slap on anything to make it seem "intimidating" or to make disjointed storytelling act as if it was all planned that way because the great villain had plans within plans and could apparently predict the future and plan for every loss, even the surprising losses. The character lacked substance, lacked personality and was about as interesting as the nearest box.They also named him Teridax.

I'll never like the Mistika as sets. I'll never like most of the Inika as sets. I disliked a lot of later Bionicle designs, I disliked the overuse of silver, I disliked the change from brown to orange, I disliked how the heads and masks kept changing, making them less and less compatible with the earlier masks and collectibles, I disliked how large and lanky the sets became and how out of proportion they were. On the bright side, I enjoyed the Voya-Nui Matoran.

The gender restrictions were frivolous and stupid.

Those are most of my cons with the G1 line.


Tbh it was mostly made by one guy and also it was technically a kids story. But as this is about cons I ain't complaining

Couldn't agree more about the lack of female bonikles n' such.

I'm hoping Gen 2 can change that.


Well there is the chance that there will be no genderlock, but then there's still gali and most people think most of the protectors will be guys

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Well, lets take a look at Lego's recent lines:

Chima: Lack of female characters.
Ninjago: Lack of female characters.
Hero Factory: Lack of female characters.

Somehow I think Gen 2 will have a lack of female characters.


most likely, yeah, can't argue with that. All we can do is wait and see what happens. stuck_out_tongue


While they did, I remember bionicle g1 had larger character amounts( unless compared to Chima or something) so there's the chance bionicle g2 might have a smaller amount or a larger one which allows for female characters to be equally represented...

Also remember that Lego canceled G1... :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess we'll have to wait, but I wouldn't get your hopes up.

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Hey, I'm all for more female figures. But I doubt the 'one woman in a male team' stigma will go away any time soon.


well there were those few waves where hero factory didn't have breez..