The Destiny Day Update

Sorry to inform you so late, but today's update will be taking place at around 1 PM Central. We've had some issues with the previous updates (letting other people edit your posts was a big one) and I'm hoping those same issues won't occur this time.

We tried looking at ways to make this work. Currently, it isn't possible. But the software is always seeing new updates and features, so maybe.

They are. I'll see if that can be fixed.

This may have something to do with some of the plugins that were installed that do not indeed work.

Today should be the day that most of that stuff gets fixed, but if not, we'll find some way to make up for them.

Also, there's a Destiny Day Stream going on today! So go see that if you want to spend the day with other community members!


Thanks to Kahi the site is also back up now!


Dang, I missed the stream. ~Pyrox frowning