The Duty Day Update

Today marks the day that the Duty Day Update hits the board! Again, I'd like to thank the community, specifically member @Jowm, for coming up with this idea!

Now, if you've noticed, the Shared Edit update has yet to go live, even though it was supposed to last night. That is mostly my fault, I'm afraid; all the instructions were followed, but it doesn't seem to work. I'm going to troubleshoot that later today when I get to work on the update and see if that can't be fixed.

Additionally, I wanted to showcase just how easy it is to flag something with this system. I mean, it's seriously easy. You just click on the "flag" icon beneath each post:

And then you just click one of the options on the checkbox (or you can write a message, if you feel that you need to clarify something) and hit "Flag Post" (Take Action is only for Mods).

It's a three click process, and it would mean the world to us to start cleaning up after this spam problem. The cast of TTV would seriously appreciate it if you would even go through some older threads going back to like a few days or so ago and help us weed things out. And since this is Duty Day, I think it's really fitting to really make a big push for it.

Lastly, today's update should be taking place at 1 PM Central. As always, we will be adding some new features and doing general maintenance updates. Good luck...and thanks! I'm super proud to have a community this creative and dedicated.


Will we ever have a friends list? 8D >=(


This ^

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you would nt be my first person to add to a friendslist <3
(not really)
I will promise to do my best at flagging all spam sir!


I was once a victim of spam.
I was even a spammer, at one point.
But no more... today, the fight against every and all forms of spam begins!



This is a very useful tool, I'll be sure to use it!


I thought we've gone over this,

We are all friends here! Who is this guy? Trying to make distinctions and whatnot.


There's been more interesting developments with the forums than I realized. Hold up, everyone.


We definitely need a friends list. Then we could all be buddies! Except Eljay though (just kidding)

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Friends list is, unfortunately, a feature that is not implementable right now. Sorry. They're working that out.


Convenient new updates, I personally don't mind much whether or not I have a friends list, but it could be useful. Time to flag some spam! cleanitallitmustbecleaned, cleanitallitmustbecleaned


I swear if the Destiny Day update doesn't include hats or a conga line feature...

Also YouTube links are not showing up on mobile.
Not sure about desktop though.


I'm having major problems with embedded videos on Desktop Chrome.

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Is it just me, or are the polls broken? (I suspect it had something to do w/ this update, since they were fine earlier in the day.)

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I have a really hard time distinguishing between spam and not-spam, so I usually don't flag things.

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I would like a way to know who is online during the day

Duty Day... snickers quitely to myself.

Oh, why do I even bother.



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Well, it turns out that some plugins desperately need to be upgraded before they get used. On the bright side, though, we are able to announce the checklists:

[*] See Bionicle 2015
[ ] Fix the gemfile problem with the discourse container
[ ] Survive Duty Day

See Bionicle 2015
Fix the gemfile problem with the discourse container
Survive Duty Day

We know a lot of you guys have stuff to do, so we're giving you this checklist feature in order for you to keep track of all of your ongoing efforts. If you're the author of a post, you can easily just click on the boxes to check/un-check stuff as needed.

If we're lucky, the big feature will be here tomorrow. Unfortunately, it is not a friend system. That hasn't been coded yet, to our dismay.


Oh my goodness, this is so useful, thank you so much.

I can already imagine that certain someones ( @Risebell ) could use this for certain big projects! (Building Metru-Nui) as well as many of us for many projects and etc.

I especially love how one doesn't have to go back into edit mode to check something, so simple and effective, I love it. ^^

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