The End of the Story: A G3 Short Story

This is meant to be an ending for G3, based on the recent Podcasts. Just a quickly written story about how Karzahni escapes his prison.

Tahu watched as the old form of the island crumbled and shattered, disintigrating under the regenerative power of the Mask of Time. The other five Toa were doing their best to hold Makuta back so Tahu could complete the cycle.
"No!" Makuta shouted. "You will release him! He will destroy you all!" Makuta screeched, as he dodged and parried blow after blow from the five Toa Nuva. Tahu ignored him, but did wonder, deep down, what did he mean?

The Third Brother's spirit swirled in the dark, cold cell he had been cast into thousands of years before. This cell had done nothing to cure his madness, and between spurts of spontaneous cackling and weeping, he felt a change coming.
"What is this?" he wondered aloud. The inexcapable cell around him began to crumble. First in little pieces, then larger chunks, and soon entire walls began to topple.
He was free.

The final portion of the Mask of Time's cycle began, as out of the rusted, toppled buildings newly formed towers of shining steel began to climb into the sky, catching the sun shining of Artakha, sending sunbeams shooting everywhere in a beautiful display. The center of the City of the Great Beings began to grow and form, first, the various statues of the elemental gods, then the Mask of Creation above the center, and finally the giant statues of Makuta, Ekimu...and a third godlike being. Tahu gasped, in spite of himself.
The Mask of Time had completed it's task, and in accordance with the rule, lifted itself off of Tahu's head. With a beautiful flash of light and a powerful shockwave, it exploded, sending the fragments to varioud places around the island once again.
Makuta screamed when it was over, and with a violent burst of strength, he shoved the five Toa out of his way and stomped over to where Tahu was standing.
"Do you know what you have just done?!" he shouted.
"Yes! We rebuilt the city that you destroyed!" Gali said, as she walked over.
"You imbeciles have set him free!" he screamed, exasperated.
"Who is him?" Pohatu asked.
He growled, and began to pace back and forth. There was real terror in his eyes. "Do you know the Legend of the Brothers?" He asked.
"Yes, the Legend of the Two Brothers," Pohatu answered. "Ekimu and Makuta."
"It was never the Legend of the Two Brothers, you pathetic creatures..." He paused. "It was always the Legend of the Three Brothers."
Tahu looked up, and pointed at the third godlike statue, and how insane it looked. "Is that the third brother?" he asked.
As if in answer the question, the third statue began to rumble and shake, and soon the face of the statue exploded. A spirit like form shot of the explosion, swirling uncontrollably and cackling maniacally. It barreled out of the City and into the forest beyond.
"Because of you," Makuta sighed, "Karzahni is free."


Amazing! :grin:

It should be more like the climax to Planet of the Apes :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ooh, interesting. But I thought that one of the cast said that Karzahni wasn't going to be important to the plot for a good long while?

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This is supposed to be the End of the story of G3, as the cast has described it.

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Really nice and well written.

Abseloutly Glorious.

Makuta reborn rising:
Oh my God. I'm back. I'm home. All the time, it was... We finally really did it.
Realizations flush back to him:
You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, dang you! God dang you all!

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This is great! Captures the tone of what we're imagining quite well. The scenario may be a bit different once G3 is developed more, but this is pretty much what we'd be going for I feel.



Well, I've never seen Planet of the Apes, so....

Thanks for the compliment, and like I said, this is just my idea for the ending.


Again, thank you!

I'm very glad this is up to standard.