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IC: Erikku wakes up, to find several others awake.

Runa awakes to find everything moving at exponential speeds. This goes on for what seems like minutes, but is actually just a couple of milliseconds. Once his mind adjusts to what seems like a temperal ■■■■■, he looks around at everyone else to see if he recognizes anyone.

Echo gets up, and sees a familiar face.
“Hello, I feel like I know you.”

OOC: I should probably point out this has no connection to former RPs

IC: Erikku gets up, and leans on his pool brush to help stabilize himself

“I feel like I know you, but I don’t know how. Do you know how we got here? I don’t remember anything from yesterday, but I got a good idea who sent me here…only problem is he wouldn’t send any of you here, he doesn’t even know you.”

“No, I wish I knew though. Could get some Intel on why we’re here.”

“What is here anyways? It doesn’t seem like even the same universe I know, it seems…off.” He looks around the clearing and sees only the people, so he flies above the trees to get a better look.

Ahua wakes up and looks around, he doesn’t recognise anyone.

“I… don’t know. Like you said, I can’t remember the past day.”

“Strange.” He yells down as he tries to see what’s around the clearing.

“Ha! Maybe someone roffied us.”
Ooc-Am I allowed to say that?

“Who are you people?”

Runa flies down to the ground, not getting a good look of the surroundings. He the bows. “Hello, I am Runa, Bringer of Death. Who might you be?”

Echo walks over.
“Forgot to say my name. I’m Echo.”

“Hello, I am Ahua. I’m not sure how to feel about a person called the Bringer of Death”.

Runa laughs. “It’s just a title. More of a job than a lifestyle. In my solar system, I take souls of the dead to the underworld.”

Echo walks aroumd so he can find where he is.

“That’s a… unique job”.

“Yes it is. Believe it or not, it gets boring over a couple million years, but at least I don’t do it alone, that would be hard. No, I got an army of sorts to help me.”

“Do you have any idea where we are?”