The Fear Reaper

Just as a disclaimer I moved recently so my lighting and setup is crap so this is the best I could do with what I have. If I can I’ll probably upload clearer picture later. Also take a drink for every time you here the words “existence” “reality” dread lord" the name of the character, or anything that involves disobeying the laws of nature and the universe.



To explain this character I have to to into some detail on what a Dread Lord is. While the name isn’t final, to some up what a Dread Lord is Dread Lords are the byproduct of The First Breach wich was an event where the current existence was temporarily split open and the remains of the old existence bleed into the hypothetical wound and the merging of forces brought Dread Lords into existence and warped time technically makeing it so the Dread Lords always existed negating the need for a breach at all. After everything was pached up some of current existence was absorbed into the old existence createing small pockets of corprial plain that allowed new Dread Lords to grow. If that’s not convoluted I don’t know what is.
Also there’s this in-universe faction that monitors and combats threats like These so here’s something I made for them in regards to the character that I’m just going to copy-paste so I don’t have to paraphrase because I’m lazy.

Fear Reaper at one point was considered for classification as a lv.9 or higher but eventually settled for a level of 8.1. This is because when it was first discovered during the second breach it was a connectable threat however it’s role has been recently recasted by the walking tree due to its stubbornness trumping Fear Reaper’s ruthlessness. Fear Reaper’s personally is documented as being lethargic, ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ type behavior and lacing the ability to make choices out of context despite being able to speak and concentrate on a conservation. In contrast when not yet categorized stimulus (this is referred to as X stimulus) the subject shows signs of irritation such as enhanced attention, enhance speed and strength, as well as loosing it’s ability to communicate through speech. This is referred to as enraged The intensity of its enrages state can be changed at will by the being bringing up the question whether X stimulus is needed or the specimen can enrage on command. Fear Reaper unlike most dread lords is comprised of not only a being but also as an inanimate object while others are one or the other, its "other half is referred to as Knüppel. This object can vary in form from two swords, a long sword, a sheld, an axe, and a club. Interestingly if any form of Knüppel is removed from the hand then it will disappear and reappear through dread lord manifestation. There have been instances where Knüppel has been encountered on its own without Fear Reaper and claimed by black cascade officials and tested upon. However after event 983.1 further instructions prohibit interaction with Knüppel and a immediate quarantine of the surrounding aria. Tests on the item have concluded the following results:
.It weighs 9 tons.
.There is no yet descovered way to damage it or dismantle it.
.It as no observable molecular level.
.It has a shiny metallic luster simaler to chrome
.this shiny exterior can be scraped away with blackrock tools reviling a less shiny pearl-grey layer underneath
.the chrome exterior grows back a rapid rate

Knüppel’s other forms:

Dual swords:


Shield(with axe):

Things I would change:

The colors: the moc is supposed to have a solid black and gunmetal color scheme however as you can already tell is that there are a few hiccups here and there especially in the lymbs. Most of them I can switch out with other colors, I just don’t have the pieces at the moment and I can’t afford bricklink.

The head: I really don’t like the rakshi head but it is the best looking head I can give him that looks right. It’s small, compact, simple, and menacing. But it’s still an overdone cliche.

The hands: once again this was the best I could do with what I had. I think that the hand design that came with the 2009 toa mata nui set would look great but I just don’t have the pieces to make two solid black hands

The legs: for me the hardest part of makeing a moc is the lymbs. Not only do you need a good, flexible, and solid design but you also need to make two if you want it to be cemectrial. For this guy the waist and upper legs the hardest to deal with and I’m not that proud of the end result but it’s the best I can do to make it presentable.

The back: there are two ccbs plates on the back that are different sizes and I can’t find you another one in the same size and color.

The name: I suck at naming and I want to change this guys name.

So yea. That’s it. Now that it’s summer I can actually post more stuff and mabye participate in some community stuff. Criticism is always welcome as I always want to improve.


He has a bit of an odd silhouette, but it suits him. Nice.

I feel his hands are to small but aside that hes great

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Thanks. I tried to give him some kind of body builder look

Very nice, but there are a few, some major, some minor, issues here.

*The head doesn’t seem to fit too well with a build like this
*The feet look a bit awkward.
*The torso is literally a T

Otherwise, this looks pretty solid. Keep it up. :wink:

This is why you don’t skip head day, you end up looking like buff riku.


Really nice…It’s just pity it is deadly similar to my current WIP…now everybody will think I’m ripping you off. :’(


The Mask is disproportionate, but I like him.

I started messing around with the head and I think I’ve created a monster…


Or a parasyte.


Na yours looks really good! Chances are it would get more publicity than Yellow Diamond over here

I really need some sleep

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I understood that reference.

Looks great! I always love dark color schemes… does that make me goth?

The Fear Reaper, eh?

The head seems too small.

I’d also resign the lower half of the arms.


It only makes you edgy.

@ELE109, props to you for already having a desire to improve this MOC. You don’t see that very often. A few words of advice on my part.

Black and gunmetal can still come off as a bland color scheme regardless of its execution. Consider adding in a highlight color that fits with the “evil-aligned” design of the character, such as dark red or trans green, it could give the MOC a lot more character.

The legs don’t look that bad to me - partly because it’s difficult to make them out due to the lighting and color scheme. If I had to suggest redoing a part of him it would probably be the lower arms, they need to have some armor on them or else be replaced by a simple prefab limb. Custom isn’t always better, unless you have a clear cut design for a portion of the body that can’t be achieved using simple limbs.

In general this MOC is actually a good bit better than what I expected from seeing the color scheme. As said earlier, I would advise adding in a highlight color, as well as working to get rid of the light grey and other bits that break up the color scheme. Simplify or replace the lower arms, and possibly replace the feet, and you’ll be well on your way to a great MOC.


These ol’ guys came to mind from the title alone :stuck_out_tongue:


Those wheels though.
Love em
10/10 too much overwatch reference