The First Resistance (RP topic)

Jonathan shook his head. “Now, somebody has to be alive!” he said as he continued to search.

“You lookin’ for that girl you danced with?” Kremit sighed

“Umm, i’m right here.” Martha said.

Kremit started chewing on a piece of rubble and sat down on another

Suddenly, Jonathan felt wind blow past his face as a large Warhammer-axe swung next to his neck.
“Dont. Move.” A voice said as the axe blade was held up to jonathan’s throat.

“Raphael your pet mortal is in trouble…”

“what…?” Raphael said as he turned to see the figure holding Jonathan at his blade.

Kyran raised his staff.

Kermit sighed
“Fine I’ll dig up the rubble!”
As he does, he sees an old(ish) man
“Tell this to anyone and I’ll eat you!” Kremit growls at Johnathan

“W-what do you want?” Jonathan said nervously to the man holding an axe blade to his neck.

Surius extends his laser and aims at the axe man. “Stand down.” He tells him.

Meanwhile, Ciestaal extended his aura into the rubble, trying to search for the aura of any living creatures within the rubble.

The man turns to Surius. He was a tall, gruff viking-looking figure, with a wide frame and wearing a fur tank top over his chest. “-And how can I trust any of you?!” He said suspiciously.

“You are threatening a civilian. Stand down.” He repeats. “Or I will be forced to resort to more direct means.”

“But how can I trust you?!” The man repeated, not letting his guard down.
“Especially after all this happened!” He said, motioning to the ruined village.

“Final warning.” Surius says to him, not seeming to care if the man trusted him. His only care was upholding the law.

“What makes you think we could have done this?” Ciestaal asks him.

“I do not believe that you are responsible for this devastation, but I cannot take any chances!” He responded.

Reluctantly, the man threw aside his warhammer-axe. He then called it back to him, and it flew past Jonathan’s face and into his hand. Jonathan scrambled away from the scary man in terror.

Surius lowered his weapon as it shifted back into being a hand.

“How do we know it wasn’t you?” Ciestaal asks calmly.

The man clenched his fist, offended that Ciestall would say such a thing.
Raphael the flew between the man and the group, raising his hands out. “This is no time for hostilities!” Raphael declared.

“I was simply showing him the flaws in his logic.” Ciestaal says calmly. “If you build walls with everyone you meet, you’ll find you’ve trapped yourself in, eventually.”

Kyran lowered his staff, but the hilt of the weapon the man was holding would burn with intense heat.