The First Resistance (RP topic)

“Tacky and overblown like all mortal structures”

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“But it still serves its purpose efficiently .” Said a voice behind Ayet. Michael appeared, accompanied by 5 other angel knights. “We are the high archangels of The Council of Life.” Michael announced to the group.

“A pure grey block would be more appealing, no frugal decor just practicality”

“How is progress proceeding?” Michael asked Ayet.

“Slowly because SOMEONE decided to go sightseeing”

Raphael turned to Ayet. “It was simply my given orders to find and gather survivors!” He said, seeming almost frustrated.

“Raphael is right. And he did well on that task.” Michael replied to Ayet.

“I exist to kill, nothing more nothing less. That was the pact you struck”

“Yes, and we sent you to only kill the Xir’algath. Nothing more, nothing less.”

“So far it is all I have done, I am merely confused as to why I am being dragged around the galaxy to find refugees”

“Because your job is also to protect them.”

Ayet brings up their pact contract
“It states here that in return for a mobile body I am to serve as an undying warrior. Not a guardian”

“But have you not slain several xir’algath? You are supposed to kill any enemies that threaten the surivors, and that protects them.”

“Hey!” Kremit yells “What about me? I’m just a simple whoosian trying to make my way through the universe, I wanna fight!”
They might notice he was around two-three foot tall, tall for his species but not to anyone else

Raphael and Michael peered down at the tiny being. “i’m not sure if you’re cut for such an undertaking.” Raphael commented to Kremit.

“I’ve fought species before!” Kremit chuckles

“Protection is an unintentional side-effect”

“Intentional or unitentional, we are still grateful for the services you have performed.” Michael assured.

“Now, we must develop a plan to combat these Xir’algath.” Michael said as he and the five other Angels sat at a long meeting table.

“Firstly, how could the Sacred Seal have been broken?”

“Mortals thinking it would grant them knowledge or immortality”

“I’m angry!” Kremit growled “I promised Frunk I’d manage to get a date, unless…”