The First Resistance (RP topic)

“Are you associated with their actions today?” Surius continues questioning.

Ciestaal nods. “Gladly. My soul tells me that it would be a good idea.”

“Me? No. We didn’t cause this. The Xir’algath have wrongfully attacked us and this planet!” Raphael said defensively.

“Pretty boy and I hunt them in order to protect others, was that answer satisfactory?”

Truth chuckles,
“I’ve had my fun seeing such a rare sight, rather what would be thought an impossible one.”

Inlenor sighs,
“So, we’re going to hunt these Things down right? I could use the exercise.”

Surius ends his questioning. “Alright then, you are innocent here.”

Raphael nodded. “But first, we need to find and gather warriors to help defend this planet…” He said to the others.
“I’m in.” Eric suddenly declared. Jonathan turned around in surprise. “What?”

“I will join too.” Martha said, stepping forward.

Not really seeing any other choice, Jonathan decided to join as well. “sigh, I guess I will come too.” he reluctantly said.

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“Well In earth they have leagues for her majesty, we could be: her majestic league!” Henry smirks

“You expect me to follow you? Of all angels brother?”

“Brother Ayet, we must put aside our personal quarrels if you do not wish to see this planet destroyed.” Raphael pleaded.

“I would aid you simply as it my duty, I do not serve you, only the order”

Ciestaal nodded. “I will join as well.”

Surius stayed silent and put away his weapons.

Raphael nodded. “Alright, let us head out to extinguish this threat.” he said as he flew towards the ballroom’s exit.

Ayet released a lengthy sigh as they followed

Kyran watched as the various heroes and people left to join the search for the aliens. He walked outside and stood stock-still, before lightly tapping his staff to the ground. The ground rose up in front of him, forming a doorway. He furtively looked around before disappearing into it.

Atomba hissed as he stealthily followed Jonathan. His infrared vision helped him to keep track of the group. He fingered his dart gun warily.

Jonathan felt a mysterious sense of apprehension as he walked along. “Something wrong?” Eric asked. Jonathan shook his head. “No, I’m fine; Just some paranoia getting to me, I think.”

Atomba pulled out his net gun and leapt on top of the nearest building. There, he bent down low and crawled across so that he was as near to Jonathan as he could be without being seen.

Seeing Jonathan’s response, Ciestaal reached into the ether, trying to sense if any other being but their group was around.

Kremit glanced around suspiciously.

Raphael continued to fly through the village, seemingly oblivious on the outside, but secretly watching for anything odd on the inside. “Where are we going?” asked Jonathan. “We’re searching for survivors, and any warriors who are willing to help us.” Raphael answered.

Atomba aimed and fired the net at Jonathan.

Truth kept up with the rest, near the front of the pack.
Inlenor (assuming the net has hit), turns around to see who shot the net and fires in that general direction.