The Flash: Earth 513 Character Draft

As some of you may know, I am a huge fan of the Flash. He is my favorite DC superhero. Something I’ve been doing lately is writing down my own Flash…um…universe, I guess you’d say, and I was looking for feedback.

Everything is how me, myself, envisions it, so many things are different to how you may know the Flash story. And, everything is in draft format, so all it really is is character overviews.

(BTW, I have an artwork topic already made for this version. While much of it is outdated, I’d still like if you took a look: 513 Artwork)
Be forewarned, it is long.

BARRY ALLEN: Grandson of JAY GARRICK, son of HENRY ALLEN and NORA ALLEN, brother of EDDIE ALLEN, and uncle to WALLY WEST. Second person to take up mantle of the Flash, after his WWII-era grandfather, JAY GARRICK. Working as a forensics analyst, he gained powers after a freak lightning bolt threw him into a shelf of undefineable chemicals. After becoming the Flash, he was taught to fight crime by his slightly jealous police commissioner brother, EDDIE ALLEN. He gained a on-and-off enemy, LEONARD SNART, whom Barry saw good in and constantly tried to turn to the heroic side. He also became the speedster mentor to his nephew, Wally, after he gained super-speed. After helping Snart find redemption, he died soon after, killed by evil speedster, REVERSE-FLASH, that allegedly killed his mother years before. He founded the JUSTICE LEAGUE, along with BATMAN, WONDER WOMAN and SUPERMAN. Barry was a kind, caring individual who always tried to see the good in everyone else. Is/Was married to KARA DANVERS. Is very good friends with Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, and FELICITY SMOAK, uncle and mentor to Wally WEST, and friend to LEONARD SNART. Assets: Superspeed. Fighting Style: Melee Dominant
WALLY WEST: Third person to take up the mantle of the Flash, after BARRY ALLEN died. Son of EDDIE ALLEN and IRIS WEST, and took his mother’s name, ‘for fun’ as he said. He gained his powers after he was caught in the crossfire of a battle between The Flash and THE ROGUES. Severely injured after much bloodloss, Barry gave Wally some of his blood to survive. The speedster blood melded with Wally’s regular blood, and he became a speedster. After Barry died, he was given the responsibilty of mentoring the now-heroic LEONARD SNART, even though Wally held a grudge against him for almost killing him. Wally was also kind, but more fun-loving, joking and rambunctious. Also hot-headed and impulsive. Best friends with TED KORD and ■■■■ GRAYSON, friends with KARA DANVERS, BATMAN, SUPERMAN and WONDER WOMAN. Begrudgingly friends with Leonard Snart. Assets: Superspeed. Fighting Style: Melee Dominant
LEONARD SNART: Ex-criminal and former leader of THE ROGUES. Off-and-on enemy to BARRY ALLEN and WALLY WEST, before losing his hand in a battle with Allen, as the Flash, after his cold gun malfunctioned, destroying his left hand. Allen then took the handicapped Leonard Snart to STAR LABS, where TEAM FLASH built him a new hand, imbued with the powers of his cold gun. Snart, feeling indebted to the team, turned a new leaf and became a hero working with TEAM FLASH, even convincing THE ROGUES to be now-and-again allies. BARRY ALLEN died soon after by the speedster REVERSE-FLASH, so Snart became the protecter of CENTRAL CITY along with WALLY WEST. After THE ROGUES was taken over by SHADE and MICK RORY was killed, Snart made his personal mission to get revenge on SHADE. Very charismatic, charming, and can almost instantly discern the value of any given object. Can be a compulsive liar, and has difficulty trusting new people. He is incredibly intelligent and good with technology, being responsible for the creation of his and all the other ROGUES’ weapons. Was best friends with MICK RORY, a friend to BARRY ALLEN, begrudingly friends with WALLY WEST. Has slight, joking crush on CAITLIN SNOW. Hates SHADE with every fiber of his being. Assets: Left hand that controls cold and ice, and cold gun. Fighting Style: Ranged dominant, hand-to-hand
RICHARD SWIFT/SHADE: A crime lord running most of CENTRAL CITY. Nothing is known about Shade’s background except that he loved his family dearly and he was one of the first metahumans discovered. After his family mysteriously disappeared, Shade joined a group of criminals and worked his way up the ranks from there. On the way, he came into frequent conflict with LEONARD SNART, as both were working their ways up the criminal ladder. A year after LEONARD SNART left THE ROGUES, Shade marched in and took over THE ROGUES, killing a protesting MICK RORY. Cold, calculating and charismatic, rarely showing any emotion. Not friends with anybody, but is the idol to WEATHER WIZARD. Has innumerable enemies. Assets: Metahuman control of shadow. Fighting Style: Ranged dominant
PATRICK O’BRIEN: Young intern working at STAR LABS. Hired at STAR LABS to be an assistant to the scientists there, more specifically WALLY WEST, CISCO RAMON and FELICITY SMOAK. While there, he is set with working on a strange, twisting chemical. After an attack on STAR LABS, Patrick is knocked to the ground and the chemical spills on him. He soon finds that he now has polymorphing abilites, and calls himself Plastic Man. Shy and not overly smart, but very loyal, especially to CISCO RAMON. Friends with WALLY WEST and CISCO RAMON. Has enormous crush of FELICITY SMOAK. Assets: Polymorph abilities. Fighting Style: Melee Dominant
FELICITY SMOAK: Member of TEAM FLASH, computer scientist at STAR LABS, and former intern at QUEEN CONSOLIDATED. She was very good friends with BARRY ALLEN, and joined STAR LABS and TEAM FLASH after she finished an internship at QUEEN CONSOLIDATED in STAR CITY. At STAR LABS, she works with coding and computery stuff, and on TEAM FLASH she coordinates WALLY WEST’s speed routes and tactics. She is quirky and smart, but very absent minded and slighty insane. She is very good friends with WALLY WEST, CISCO RAMON and PATRICK O’BRIEN. Assets: None. Fighting Style: None
CISCO RAMON: Second-in-command of TEAM FLASH and mad scientist at STAR LABS. He was a high school friend of WALLY WEST, and joined TEAM FLASH when he found out that his friend had gained superpowers. He then demonstrated his worth by inventing virtually everything TEAM FLASH currently uses, such as gadget stuff, tech stuff and snazzy cool stuff. He is best friends with WALLY WEST, good friends with FELICITY SMOAK and PATRICK O’BRIEN, and actually pretty good friends with LEONARD SNART. His arch-frenemy is CAITLIN SNOW. Assets: I have no idea how to explain his powers. He can vibe, I guess. Fighting style: Ranged Dominant
BATMAN: Protector of GOTHAM CITY, widely regarded as the inspiration for every hero to follow. He was very good friends with BARRY ALLEN, and was very upset when he learned that BARRY ALLEN had died. After ■■■■ GRAYSON, Batman’s former apprentice, struck out on his own, Batman took a mentor-type role over WALLY WEST. He tried to give him as much advice as possible, but Batman’s gruff teaching methods did not mesh well with WALLY WEST’s brash impulsiveness. He founded the JUSTICE LEAGUE with SUPERMAN, WONDER WOMAN, KARA DANVERS, and BARRY ALLEN. Was good friends with BARRY ALLEN, is good friends with KARA DANVERS, SUPERMAN and WONDER WOMAN mentor to WALLY WEST and ■■■■ GRAYSON. Assets: Money, brooding, fighting skills. Fighting Style: Everything Dominant
TED KORD: Son of THOMAS KORD, owner of KORD INDUSTRIES. One of WALLY WEST’s best high school friends, Ted Kord’s origin story is really simple; he saw all the superheroes around, so he wanted to be one. Being second-in-command of KORD INDUSTRIES, he used some of his vast amounts of money to build himself a supersuit, which he dubbed THE BLUE BEETLE. Also, using his money, KORD INDUSTRIES became a main backer of STAR LABS, to keep TEAM FLASH in business. He joins TEAM FLASH fairly often, when he’s not fighting his own villains. Very smart, sarcastic and charismatic, always making friends. Best friends with WALLY WEST, CISCO RAMON, and ■■■■ GRAYSON. Friends with FELICITY SMOAK and PATRICK O’BRIEN. Assets: Robotic exo-suit which can fly and has a lot of weapons. Fighting Style: Ranged Dominant
MARK MARDON: A young metahuman who joined THE ROGUES after he ran away from home. LEONARD SNART took a liking to him, training him to hone his enormous abilities to peak performance, and Mardon became a valuable part in any of THE ROGUES raids. However, after LEONARD SNART left THE ROGUES and convinced them to be more do-gooders, Mardon lost faith in him. He was ecstatic when SHADE arrived and sent them back down an evil path, and began a hero-worship of SHADE. His wand was created by LEONARD SNART. Is very quirky, with an incredibly short fuse. Idolizes SHADE. Despises LEONARD SNART. Assets: Control over the weather. Fighting Style: Ranged Dominant
CAITLIN SNOW: An evil metahuman who controls snow and ice and stuff. Formerly the best childhood friend of CISCO RAMON, Caitlin became a metahuman and became isolated after her powers accidentally hurt CISCO RAMON. In this seclusion, she became evil and renamed herself KILLER FROST, posing a very real threat to TEAM FLASH on multiple occasions. She was also a scientist at STAR LABS, where she cared deeply for GRODD and eventually let him be her bodyguard of sorts. Good friends with GRODD. LEONARD SNART has a slight, joking crush on her. Formerly friend/now enemy of CISCO RAMON. Assets: Control over snow and ice and stuff. Fighting Style: Ranged Dominant
EOBARD THAWNE: Is a massive fan of the Flash from the 25th century, and a direct descendant of EDDIE ALLEN. He became unknowingly became friends with the psychotic killer HUNTER ZOLOMON with whom he shared all of his Flash knowledge. He gave himself speed, created a yellow speed suit, and went back in time to visit TEAM FLASH. Thinking he was the REVERSE-FLASH who killed JAY GARRICK, NORA ALLEN, and BARRY ALLEN, TEAM FLASH imprisoned him in STAR LABS. However, they eventually let him go after he told them he had no idea what they were talking about. In one possible future, he returned to the 25th Century, where he was murdered by HUNTER ZOLOMON. In another possible future, he learned the secret of Zolomon and returned to the present day to warn TEAM FLASH. He stayed in this time period afterwards. Assets: Superspeed. Fighting Style: Melee Dominant
■■■■ GRAYSON: Vigilante who trained under BATMAN. In his new persona as NIGHTWING, ■■■■ patrols the city of BLUDHAVEN, beating up criminals. He met WALLY WEST and TED KORD when WALLY WEST was KID FLASH and when TED KORD was just beginning his suit, and the three were instantly best friends. He helps out TEAM FLASH from time to time, usually when one of his enemies makes his way to CENTRAL CITY. Sarcastic, aloof, and handsome. Best friends with WALLY WEST and TED KORD. Friends with CISCO RAMON. Former apprentice to BATMAN. Assets: Trained by BATMAN. Fighting Style: Melee Dominant
MICK RORY: Former arsonist and second-in-command of THE ROGUES. Mick was the best childhood friend of LEONARD SNART, and followed him everywhere he went. Mick became a criminal famous for arsonism after he burnt down his childhood home, and hid out with LEONARD SNART when the authorities tried to get him. Mick joined THE ROGUES, with his newly built heat gun, and became a menace to CENTRAL CITY. However, when LEONARD SNART turned good, Mick followed suit and tried to get THE ROGUES to join him. He was killed a year later by SHADE. His flamethrower was created by LEONARD SNART. Best friends with LEONARD SNART. Assets: Heat gun. Fighting Style: Ranged Dominant, hand-to-hand
NORA ALLEN: Daughter of JAY GARRICK and JOAN WILLIAMS. BARRY ALLEN and EDDIE ALLEN’s deceased mother. Killed by REVERSE FLASH. Assets: None. Fighting Style: None
JAY GARRICK: The first speedster, who operated during WWII. It is unknown how to gained his powers, but all that matters is that he used his powers for good. He gained his powers when he was nineteen, and fought Nazis overseas. Married to JOAN WILLIAMS. He is NORA ALLEN’s father and BARRY ALLEN and EDDIE ALLEN’s grandfather, and is WALLY WEST’s great-grandfather. Good friends with the FIELD brothers, and WONDER WOMAN. Assets: Superspeed. Fighting Style: Melee Dominant
SAM SCUDDER: Member of THE ROGUES. Has special gun that can control mirrors. He was loyal to LEONARD SNART and MICK RORY and was originally against SHADE, but after MICK RORY was killed, he was to intimidated too leave. Mirror Master’s Mirror Blaster was created by LEONARD SNART. Best friends with DIGGER HARKNESS. Assets: Mirror blaster. Fighting Style: Melee Dominant
JAMES JESSE: Member of THE ROGUES and former apprentice to BATMAN, as the RED HOOD. Unstable, completely insane, nobody knows what the heck goes through his brain. After LEONARD SNART left, he left THE ROGUES, but returned when SHADE took over because he ‘liked the chaos.’ Many of his ‘toys’ were created by LEONARD SNART. Assets: Insanity, deadly toys. Fighting Style: Ranged Dominant
DIGGER HARKNESS: Member of THE ROGUES. Throws deadly boomerangs. Like his best friend, SAM SCUDDER, he was originally loyal to LEONARD SNART and MICK RORY, but was scared into staying with SHADE. Many of his tricked-out boomerangs were created by LEONARD SNART. Best friends with SAM SCUDDER. Assets: Boomerangs. Fighting Style: Ranged Dominant, hand-to-hand
SUPERMAN: The most powerful superhero on EARTH. A native from the planet KRYPTON, he was sent to EARTH by his parents when his planet exploded. Gaining incredible powers, he was raised in KANSAS and moved to METROPOLIS, where he became a hero for TRUTH, JUSTICE, AND THE AMERICAN WAY! He founded the JUSTICE LEAGUE with BATMAN, WONDER WOMAN, KARA DANVERS and BARRY ALLEN. Cousins with KARA DANVERS. Friends with BATMAN, WONDER WOMAN, and BARRY ALLEN. Assets: A lot. Fighting Style: Even Mix
WONDER WOMAN: Second most powerful superhero on Earth. A native from the mythical island of THEMYSCIRA, she decided to defend the mortal world from evil. She journeyed into the world of man right before WWII, and fought with the ALLIES alongside JAY GARRICK and the FIELD brothers. She founded the JUSTICE LEAGUE with SUPERMAN, BATMAN, KARA DANVERS and BARRY ALLEN. Assets: Super strength, Flight, Lasso of Truth, and Bulletproof cuffs. Fighting Style: Melee Dominant
DR. HENRY ALLEN: Father of BARRY ALLEN, EDDIE ALLEN and husband of NORA ALLEN. Granfather of WALLY WEST. Ever since NORA ALLEN’s death, he has lived with EDDIE ALLEN, and practices doctor-y things. Assets: none. Fighting Style: None
EDDIE ALLEN: Son of HENRY ALLEN and NORA ALLEN, brother of BARRY ALLEN, father of WALLY WEST, husband of IRIS WEST. Is police commissioner of CENTRAL CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT. Was first person to learn of BARRY ALLEN’s powers, and was jealous of them for a while. Now he honors his brothers memory by doing his best to raise WALLY WEST and teach him how to use his powers from an outsider’s perspective. Is very kind and loving, but can be gruff and impulsive. Assets: Expert marksmanship, hand-to-hand combat, and other police-y stuff. Fighting Style: Even Mix
IRIS WEST: Wife of EDDIE ALLEN and mother of WALLY WEST. A reporter for the CENTRAL CITY PUBLIC NEWS. As a mother, she is very constantly worried about her son, but does her best to help him in any way possible. She is very kind-hearted, rambunctious and hot-headed. Assets: none. Fighting Style: None
KARA DANVERS: Wife of BARRY ALLEN. She was sent to Earth with her cousin SUPERMAN, but her pod went of course and she crashed to EARTH several years later where she was raised by the DANVERS. She honed her powers very quickly, and pretty soon she and SUPERMAN were protecting the world. She met BARRY ALLEN as an adult, and after he became THE FLASH they fought crime together. They eventually fell in love and married. After BARRY ALLEN’s death, she continued to fight crime, alongside her cousin once more. She is an occassional mentor to WALLY WEST, and very frequently visits the ALLEN/WEST family, a very good friend with IRIS WEST. Assets: As many as SUPERMAN. Fighting Style: Even Mix
OLIVER QUEEN: Childhood friend of BARRY ALLEN and EDDIE ALLEN, and CEO of QUEEN CONSOLIDATED. After being stranded for several years on the island of LIAN YU, he returned to STAR CITY and became the vigilante GREEN ARROW. He was mentored for several months by BARRY ALLEN, before taking on a protege, the young ROY HARPER. When WALLY WEST became KID FLASH, Oliver helped train him in being a hero. Assets: Expert, expert marksmanship, hand-to-hand combatant, and peak physical condition. Fighting Style: Ranged Dominant, hand-to-hand
HARRISON WELLS: A renowned French physicist, who is also a mime. Assets: none. Fighting Style: None
GRODD: A former pet and experiment at STAR LABS, Grodd was a gorilla. After being experiemented on by mean scientists, he learned he had telepathic abilities, and he could speak to others through his mind. Dr. CAITLIN SNOW cared for him and helped him hone his new abilities, and Grodd took an immediate liking to her. After CAITLIN SNOW turned evil, she let Grodd out of his change and he became a sort of bodyguard to her, before striking out on his own and building a secret gorilla empire. Good friends with CAITLIN SNOW, sometimes ally to TEAM FLASH. He hates bananas. Assets: telepathy. Fighting Style: Melee Dominant
TOMMY “WINKY” FIELD: Oldest of the FIELD brothers, and war buddy of JAY GARRICK’s. Gruff, no-nonsense soldier-y type, very proficient in the use of firearms. Very commonly, along with his brothers, assisted JAY GARRICK and WONDER WOMAN on the front lines during WWII. Assets: Think ‘Howling Commandos.’ Fighting Style: Ranged Dominant
JACK “BLINKY” FIELD: Second oldest of the FIELD brothers, and war buddy of JAY GARRICK’s. A wise-cracking soldier always with a cigar in his mouth and an explosive in his hand. Along with his brothers, assisted JAY GARRICK and WONDER WOMAN on the front lines of WWII. Assets: Again, think ‘Howling Commandos.’ Fighting Style: Ranged Dominant
BOBBY ‘NOD’ FIELD: Youngest of the FIELD brothers, and war buddy of JAY GARRICK’s. Quiet, calm, and never speaks unless it is absolutely necessarry. Best at hand-to-hand combat. Along with his brothers, assisted JAY GARRICK and WONDER WOMAN on the front lines of WWII. Assets: Once again, think ‘HOWLING COMMANDOS.’ Fighting Style: Melee Dominant
JOAN WILLIAMS: Wife of JAY GARRICK, mother of NORA ALLEN, grandmother of BARRY and EDDIE ALLEN, and great-grandmother of WALLY WEST. WWII nurse. Assets: very skilled at medical things, such as first aid, CPR, and in some cases small surgeries.
ROY G. BIVOLO: First villain WALLY WEST faced as THE FLASH. A man with special glasses that allowed him the ability to make solid projections of rainbows. He was swiftly taken down when WALLY WEST ran fast and stole them from his face. Assets: Special rainbow glasses. Fighting Style: Ranged Dominant
ROY HARPER: A middle school-aged street rat, who fasioned himself into a sort of Robin Hood on the streets of STAR CITY: Steal from the rich, give to the poor was his motto. He learned how to use a bow and arrow to complete the image, and when OLIVER QUEEN returned the island in the guise of GREEN ARROW, Roy sought him out and asked to be trained by him. As the hero ARSENAL, he became fast friends with other teenaged superheroes like WALLY WEST, TED KORD, and especially ■■■■ GRAYSON. Assets: Expert marksman, in guns and bows. Fighting Style: Ranged Dominant
HUNTER ZOLOMON: A psychotic killer from the distant future, under the guise of Teddy Todd, he befriended EOBARD THAWNE. Thawne, being a massive fan of the Flash, shared all of his vast knowledge with Zolomon. And when Thawne gave himself superspeed, Zolomon secretly gained this ability as well. Zolomon was a lover of chaos and crime, and wanted to destroy the Flash Family, ‘for fun’. Thawne went back in time to visit the Flash. He came back, and Zolomon killed him, stealing his costume. Quickly gaining enough speed, he went back in time to the 80s, where he murdered JAY GARRICK. Moving ahead to the 2000s, he murdered NORA ALLEN, creating the Flash. And finally moving forward to the 2010s, he murdered BARRY ALLEN, promising that he would come for WALLY WEST soon. Assets: Superspeed. Fighting Style: Melee Dominant

And that is all. C&C are welcome, and I will see you next time!


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