The Flipper-Crab, an alien MOC

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to Dr. Prof. Zekesters crazy science lab (pantented).
This time I will present you the fruits of my hard work. This is the hyper realistic creature for my mega accurate alien-planet-simulation: The Flipper-Crab! /s

This fearsome redetor lives on an ocean planet on which metal rains from the sky. It’s a crab like beeing with multiple limbs on the front to catch and/or kill prey, a gaint mouth with dozens of sharp teeth to devour it fully, a thick shell on top a a protections from the metal rain, and a jet like propulsion system on the back to charge at it’s unknowing prey.

This MOC was made with the help of this sites community. The topic regarding this can be found here.



The mouth:

The creatures back:

The bottem side:

And the notifications:


Instructions can be found by following this link: Flipper-Crab Instrucions - Album on Imgur

And the notifications fot this:


I hope you enjoyed my MOC. Please leave (constructive) critcism below!


Not so much a crab,

More, lovecratian horror.


I love it. You’ve really captured an alien appearance with this


It is totally @Plural’s baby photos.

This thing is beautiful, and a great execution of ideas. Great job man…


@Payinku: Perhaps your right.
@Calebmar12: Thank you very much. That was my goal.
@EvilLobsterKing: Thank you alot! Hahahaha…


The eyes


It’s too beautiful (sniff)

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Hahahaha… Thank you!

It really evokes a good alien feel. Nice job!

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Wow. This MOC is exponentially more awesome than I was expecting. Loving the parts usage; I never even thought about using Skull Spider legs with Shadow trap halves. And it’s so cohesive. Lovely work.

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Thank you alot. Like alot.

:hushed: That thing is freaky! Excellent work here!

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Well this is completely terrifying.

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I really love it! Looks like some crazy G2 Rahi. It’s really hard to pile on a whole lot of CCBS and not have it be awkward.

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This is so good, I am blown away

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Aside from the eyes, this looks like something strait from Mixels that went into constraction.
Some shell placement are off but the mouth looks structurally sharp.

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@Zero: Thanks!
@ThatchMac: Thank you. Now I want G2 to have had Rahi even more!
@LTVmocs: Thank you!
@Square: Thank you. But weren’t it mainly the eyes that made Mixels so special?

Btw: I wil take this MOC apart soon, so if anybody wants instructions, this is your last chance.

Nice! This would make a great abberation-type monster to face in an RPG :wink:


I’d like instructions, actually. Some of the techniques used seem very useful.