The Forsaken Four (BIONICLE Canon Contest #3: Honor Guard)

Bomonga features this staff by Galva

Gaaki features this mask by Galva

Kualus features this mask by Galva

Pooks feaures the scopeless mask of projection in this pack by Galva

Pooks also features Bomonga’s staff in this pack by Vahki

I give permission for recolours, mask and spear-tip swaps if need be.

To the mods: some of the files have ‘hero’ in the title, those are the ones I’d suggest for the polls! Thanks!


Your Bomonga is very close to my Pouks.

hadn’t seen that! Same shoulder & torso armour. It’s a neat combo :+1:

if we both win, they can change the armour colour a bit, or… maybe keep ‘em matching. no biggie

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These are good, but that they’re all silver kinda bugs me.

Pouks is great! The mask is cool and the shoulder is very creative.

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