The Galvapack: Elite and Noble Edition

The Galvapack has been updated once again! New to are plenty of masks by @Galva_Nize including a revamped Mask of Intangibility, the Mask of Psychometry worn by his Gaaki entry, and plenty of new Noble mask variants!

You can download and install the pack here, where you can always find the latest versions of all my custom part packs. Also check out my under-construction Linktree, where I have more resources! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me, and I’ll gladly do what I can to help.

Special thanks this time go out to:

  • Natetromino for assistance with porting the masks and plenty of patience
  • @KINGSIDORAK for his ever-useful tools making my life (and yours) easier
  • and @Synnova32 for his eternal patience and fending off Mac-related tech support questions

I have The Galvapack (Totally Canon Edition) installed, should I replace that one with this? Or are they different?

This is an update with repaired parts, so replacing the parts is the best thing to do. Each Galvapack update has all the same parts as before, just with fixed issues, as well as new parts. The Totally Canon Edition is pretty old, so once you install this version, you’ll get a whole bunch of new stuff!

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Is that one on the far left Turaga Iruini? because I love it


All three Turaga are familiar faces, yes - try and figure out who the other two are!

The other two are Chiara and Norik, or instead of Chiara, Varian

You got Norik right

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Methinks it’s Nikila

I look forward to downloading the pack later. Thank you to everyone who contributed in the production of it!


Ding ding ding!

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Whats my prize

A firm handshake.

Thanks for all the work you guys put into these. Really appreciate it! :grin:


I’m gonna cherish that forever

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sorry, but these turaga mocs are very basic.

I think you missed the point of the post…


this is a moc post, is it not?

it is most certainly not, please actually look at it

edit: this also raises the question of “how complex do you actually expect a Turaga to be when they’re by nature short and simplistic”


It’s a parts pack for Studio.
Been looking foreward to this, getting it installed right now.
Thanks for all the hard work guys.
@vootcaboot hey, just playing around and I have noticed a slight misalignment on one of the masks, actually not a new one but one that was already in.
The mask of charisma’s axle connection point for the left horn is slightly off centre.

it does make if so that the horn can’t connect right.


Thanks for catching that! I’ll make sure it’s updated soon.