The Gearbox Podcast

To people who don't know what im talking about, it's mainly 2 people (Shadowgear6335 and Alieraah) making their own show and discuss about Lego news, life, and stuff-

The content will contain swearing but personally I find this more entertaining than TTV podcast.

Also for user who watch episode 25, you will feel mildly insulted in a small rant of humor from our opinions.


Oh yeah, the rant about how rude a lot of the TTV userbase is in Episode 25 was pretty entertaining.


I watch them every now and then. I particularly enjoyed their discussions about old Biotube and the ending of Bionicle G2, both provided some great entertainment and insight.


I would say my favorite part of the latest podcast, but I can't say it on the boards.

They're cool I guess. I think people who are primarily constraction moccists can relate to them more while other more general lego fans and collectors more so than moccists will find ttv more accessible.

Nice, not so subtle, hint right there

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Oh man. I love this podcast. I don't watch it too often, although I used to.
Shadowgear is one of my favorite Biotubers as well, so that makes it 2x better imo.

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Ok I just ask a question to the TTV during the Livestream about the recent Gearbox. (and no, I wasn't in the recent gearbox)

TTV agrees that the users can be harsh, but the main issue is that they want to be flawless with no negative opinion and people hate their moc's.
If thats the case, why do their post have around over 60likes? (well not much too Tyrigsus, but you get the point)

I can understand popular opinions like "I hate the small heels" or "I hate nuva butts" from the female mocs get repetitive (I don't care about the nuva butts as long it's unique), but whats the point of giving constructive criticism to improve or understand some mistake from more that other things like saying "That sucks"?


I watch this podcast whenever it comes out.
Pretty coolio.


of course there's gonna be swearing in this vidya, so trigger warning to y'all.

"As soon as I go on TTV, "I hate it 'cause it's not mine."

No, that isn't why we criticize your crap.

seriously, where do you get such an asinine argument? that isn't why people criticize. we criticize because it has flaws that should probably be fixed.

"But the people who are on their message boards are just, so rude sometimes. like, hi, nice to meet you, glad you hate me immediately."

way to diss an entire group of people.

especially when a decent amount of this group likes you MOCs.

I don't think i've seen one of your guys's mocs dip below 37 likes.


"______' TTV calling em 'Iron Maiden.' do they know what an Iron Maiden is?"

I see you do not grasp the concept of people having the ability to call MOCs whatever they want.

it's just a name.

and also, way to talk down to an entire group of people, like y'all are so high up on a pedestal. your egos just feel so massive during this entire thing, it's insane.


I only see this very occasionally, and when it does start getting rude, the mods quickly step in and sort it out


I like that they swear, they just do what they want, they dont care what people think, they just do what they like and that's something I love about them
and their mocs, nuva butts are great


Oh yeah, I got into watching The Gearbox a few episodes ago. I like the free relaxed atmosphere in the whole discussion. I'm not really that much into the news sections as they digress a lot and make it feel long, but the questions and other things are fabulous. Would be nice to join a podcast someday, but oh well. Last episode, even if briefly, I felt joy getting mentioned. =)

Just my two cents on the TTV userbase thing (for the brief while I've been a board member), but I've found some of the criticism on my mocs a good bit different from my other mocing media, as people have pointed out things that I honestly didn't quite expect. Not saying it's a bad thing, but it does throw me off to an extent. Otherwise my experiences here haven't been too bad, but I can see if it makes other people uncomfortable. It could be the different range of people here or something else, I don't know.

Ps. Go spider girl


Well, I am slightly annoyed that they decide to group the entire message boards into one thing. But that's generalization, and slightly understandable.

However, they have no idea on how this system works. The like button is there so people don't have to comment and say "it's cool." The main reason people post on a moc is to critique it. Other times they'll say something they like about, but that's rare.

But even when critiquing, people will usually throw in a compliment. They act like everyone just spams "kys" or "this is trash" on their mocs.


I agree, you aren't moccing gods, I won't deny you're good, but there are areas to be improved upon.


There's actually something interesting regarding this.

In a recent MOC made by one of the people in this episode, someone made this comment:

It's a pretty basic comment, just a minor nitpick and complimenting the rest of the MOC. The interesting thing is, the creator didn't like the post. That'd normally not be a problem, but the creator liked almost every other post in the topic, and almost every other post was just praising the MOC. This wasn't a rude comment at all (in my opinion, at least), so all I've gathered is that the creator is looking more so for a 100% positive review than anything that may imply the MOC is flawed, regardless of whether it is helpful or outright rude.

But that's just my own personal interpretation.


i watched the first couple of them when it was first made, they were pretty good but i'm not a huge fan of podcasts so i stopped watching after a few
and i agree it was way more entertaining that what i saw of the TTV podcast

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i saw the podcast on female mocs, it was actually p good

Never watched them but I heard about them bashing everyone on the TTV boards, so here I am. But what I'm reading here is total crap. Very rarely have I seen people just go around saying "your moc sucks" and not give any actual constructive criticism. I don't know what they're trying to gain from this but it's simply not true.


Yeah, I got that as well from what I gathered. I know that she put a lot of work into the MOCs, but not everything about them is perfect and It good to get notes like these so as to not limit yourself, mostly from a creative stand point by only having people that praise the stuff you do without anyone pointing flaws.


I'm look back at some old episode and one thing that stick out was The Gearbox: Female MOCs and their Design were Alierahh mention Famine gotten the most positive relies in TTV Boards outside the media (probably because she has a diverse design).

Often time I see users (including me) get very similar response on mocs and certain users need to constantly comment on different topics to maintain their Master badge-