The Great Drake/Dragon MOC

Hey everyone, it's been a while Uploading something so I thought I would share with you all something I made for a Lego show a month or so ago and my personal feelings of the day. This is a dog sized fully articulated dragon MOC, and is now the largest MOC I have ever built. Like most of my creations it is still a work in progress and has much tweaking to go, but I'm proud of what I have achieved so far and I hope you will enjoy.

Unfortunately due to a time limit, the wings were not finished properly.

Here is a scale of some of my other mocs compared to the dragon...

This was my first show and I wanted to really impress the senior members of the Lego community with my work. I was thrilled that everyone who also displayed came to me and told me how impressed they were, and it made me realise that people actually want to see more stuff like this.

With all said and done, it was a great day for me seeing the huge smiles of everyone when they walked in. It has been the biggest challenge I've made for myself and through it, I hope it has inspired people to look at this form of Lego differently and see it for its unlimited possibilities. I also hope that the many parents and children that saw my display are inspired by the wonderful world of bionicle and continue to create it in their own worlds.

It's really a shame that bionicle g2 ended so soon because I think it would have had some amazing sets and it was starting to inspire a new generation of kids.


heh, how could I describe what I am feeling right now



The shaping is incredible,

Absolutely beautiful work.


Hey, that's illegal. You can't use a real dragon as a dragon moc, c'mon man.

In all seriousness, if it wasn't against the rules, I would create 50 alt accounts just to like this over and over


Amazing... I am at a loss for words. This dragon is so cool, I LOVE the textures, the overall shaping. Its just... so... GOOD.


This is the first time my jaw has been dropped to the floor by a MOC.
Absolutely amazing work! :smiley:


Just as I started to have higher hopes of ending up on the MOC spotlight, you post this...



I can't even.

Dude yes this is stellar.


Fantastic work is all I can say. Some days I really wish I had a bigger collection to create a behemoth-like moc like this. I can't wait to see more of your work in the future.


I have see massive moc's on the boards before and this no differ from design, the bar spikes give it a distinct look and the head is top-notch. I do wonder how you carry this thing into a fair with all those spikes.


It's so big. And cohesive. And awsome!

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That is beyond cool.


Well then, this is BIG

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I also want to add that this is extremely inspiring. The level of effort that it made to build this is apparent, and makes me want to spend that kind of time and effort as well.


This is freaking...simply...EPIC.

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I'm not kidding when I say this:

This is one of the greatest MOCs I have ever seen. Not just for it's wonderful build, but also for what it represents. I don't think I have ever thanked someone for making a MOC before but,
Thank you for inspiring hundreds.


I think I lost my jaw somewhere... Can somebody help me find it

Anyways, this Moc blew me away. I have no words to describe how amazing and gorgeous this looks


This thing looks amazing, and I really, really want one...

And how long is a piece of string?


Holy cow this is amazing


Just great! It's big, it's menacing, and complex.

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