The Great Masks, Their Wearers, Powers, and Fates... [Pitch]

Mask of Creation:
It’s a mask. It creates. It’s worn by Ekimu. Listen to Brainstorm for more info and backstory.

Mask of Time (Kanohi Vahi):
Able to freeze, slow, or speed time for a chosen area. Fails to work on element-less life. For more info, again listen to Brainstorm.
Backstory: Worn by a Mangaian king known as Vahki, he used it to prolong the lives of heroes and whoever he liked. He had intended to live forever with the mask, but after using it for too long, one begins to hallucinate. Seeing nightmares of Mangai overrun by Firespitters, and the entire island of Artahka frozen in time. Afraid, he attempted to destroy the mask, believing it would change the future. Instead, the mask split into numerous pieces, and scattered throughout the island. Afraid, Vahki was killed in a battle, as he was too weak to fight.

Mask of Control:
It’s a mask. It controls. It’s worn by Makuta. Listen to Brainstorm for more info and backstory.

Mask of Light (Kanohi Avohkii):
A mask with powers that allows the user to manipulate light, one could change the brightness of a light source, dim it, change the color of anything, and even become invisible. But, must powerfully, it allows the user to run at incredible speeds, literally becoming a beam of light.
Backstory: The first bearer, Umbra, was very foolish. He was from the region of Kanae, but he discovered the mask on his adventures. He used the mask to take over much of the region. But in one battle, he charged at full speed to the opponents’ side. Miscalculating the timing, he slammed into a shield, scattering the light, ripping himself into small parts. (I can’t wait to write a story about that) The next bearer was Tanma, a good matoran with a good heart. He used it to help his friends’ regions, growing crops with powerful sunlight, gathering resources, and capturing thieves. Unfortunately, his friend Kirop abused his power. Planning to steal the mask for himself, Kirop challenged Tanma to a battle. Thinking it was a game and not wanting to hurt his friend, Tanma did not try to win. Kirop attacked him with a severe blow, knocking out his friend. Ripping off the mask, Kirop was about to don it, before the energetic Solek appeared and tackled him. Solek threw the mask into the ocean, hoping it would never be found by Kirop or those like him.

Mask of Victors
Though it was originally thought to have no powers, a legend has circulated that it provides luck to the bearer.
Backstory: First found in Motara, it was given to the champion of Kohli tournaments. It is now no longer used and is in display in the Great Kohli Museum.

Mask of Alternate Futures (Kanohi Olisi):
Karzhani’s mask. Watch Brainstorm for more.

Mask of Mutation (Kanohi Hordika):
Able to transform creatures into weird creatures, this mask is very dangerous, as it is completely unpredictable. Its first owner is unknown, but it is known they lost it and it was never supposed to be found again. Until Karzahni decided it might be useful for his experiments.

Mask of Insight:
The mask as it name states, is the mask of insight, allowing the wearer to acquire a deep understanding of the things they see. Insight starts slowly, beings being ignorant of the things they live in, and in moderation it proves powerful. Allowing the wearer to understand people, physics and even powers. However, the mask never stops, slowly creeping into the creation of life, to creation of the great beings, to the unspeakable abominations that plagued the chaos of creation. Many care little for the tiny little kids and their struggles. Ignoring Makuta, Ekimu and Karzahni as their existence is alien that they might not even recognize the three as actual beings. However, to gaze upon the abyss is to allow the abyss to gaze back at you, and the mask of insight are the eyes that see. Coming into contact with such beings results in a primal fear, not of the things themselves, but of the unknown they represent. Prolonged use of the mask often results in the wearer slowly losing their grip on the present, followed by a loss on their grip on reality. Insanity is unimpressive, suicide being the most common
Backstory: Mask was not created by any of the three brothers, nor by their father. It was created along their father, as an aspect of the universe itself, similar to the infinity stones. Whether it was created by someone or has an origin similar to the infinity stones is not relevant. It is its power what grabs the mind and slowly flays it. In the entire canon story, only Karzahni has come in contact with the Mask of Insight. Although brief, it allowed him to understand the value of knowledge, and help him forge his mask of alternate futures. The newly forged mask allowed him to prevent his descent into madness, by showing him the consequences of continuous use of the mask of insight. Ironically, his mask of alternate futures would eventually be the cause of his descent into a different kind of madness.


I would like to add my Mask of Insight to the list.

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I would also like to add mine and Kardax’s idea about Renegade Kanohi. These tend to be inversions of regular kanohi powers, and can sometimes be forged to look like regular Kanohi masks, but different

So for example, the Kanohi Jutlin would be an inversion of the Kanohi Hau. Whereas the Hau strengthens defenses, the Jutlin weakens them.

A Mask of Concealment would conceal the user from view without blinding another being, but a Mask of Blindness would instead block the user from view by blinding everyone else around them.

Just a couple examples.

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@odnanref101993 @A2B2C2

Whoops, I honestly did not even realize this was my topic! Adding them now!

@A2B2C2 Do you have descriptions for these, or just the ideas?

So far, its mostly an idea. @Kardax and I tossed around a few ideas as we were writing the pitch. But basically, the long and the short of the Renegeade Kanohi is that their powers either do the opposite of the original Kanohi mask, or in the case of some, will have similar functions, but usually done in a way that harms the victims. E.g. the Mask of Concealment vs the Mask of Blindness. This is mainly done looking through the scope of the G1 mask powers

The Kanohi Mask of Repulsion would be the inverse of the Mask of Accuracy. The Mask of Accuracy allows the user to propel projectiles down a certain trajectory towards an enemy, while the user of the Mask of Repulsion would instead repel that projectile and sometimes send it back even harder.

Onua’s Pakari grants him increased physical strength. The Mask of Hunger would do something similar, but do so by leeching power away from other beings around it

It’s a bit of a toss up as to what masks are the opposite of what. Some specific mask powers like Water-breathing are a harder nut to crack

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Ok basic explanation of a Renegade Mask (patent pending),

They are made of antidermis using the same process to create their protodermis counterpart, so the forging process of a mask of speed when applied to a Renegade mask would create a mask of slowness. A2 has a good description of it but I haven’t made an official list but I may consider it for next week.

As for water breathing, it would be hard breathing, it basically afflicts others with altitude sickness, they fell pressure on their chest and it becomes hard to breathe.


I’d like to add my idea for a mask from G1, the Mask of Fusion. I think it’s one of the first pitches I had for the G3 project, actually.

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Alright, I’ll add it whenever I find time! Or the Mask of Time… I’m sorry…

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