the GX_05 youtube channel

I have a youtube channel where I do stuff like diy bonkle masks and custom minifigure prints.

example of the content I have on there.

content I will (probably) be making in the future:

  • minifigure custom printing
  • custom capes and cloth pieces for your bionicle figures
  • maybe some drawing
  • the power of MICROSOFT WORD
  • maybe some showcases of my MOCs

Sounds cool. Surely do a LEGO universe diorama once your done with all the custom minifigures for that subject.


In part one I’ll show you how to print onto minifigure torsos, tho this method works on any lego brick with a flat surface.
For now it’s possible to print only on light colored bricks, to print on darker bricks experimentation is required (probably coming soon, IDK).

This method requires acetone so please don’t poison yourself. Acetone poisoning can be serious. Do this in a well ventilated area.


(Maybe this goes in the promotions and advertising category but IDK)

So, last time I could only print on white bricks but now I’m here to show you how to print on colored pieces (works on black too!)

Again, beware of acetone poisoning and stuff.

If you try this method share your results

Next video will be on how to print the arms. For legs… ooooh the legs! For those you will have to wait, i don’t know for how long but the legs are evil and refuse to print nicely sooooo… good bye!

Also, if you have suggestions on how to improve these videos please tell me so I can give you a better experience overall.


Consolidated splinter topics into one single topic. Let’s keep everything here from now on, please.



so, a little update. If you want to try the acetone printing method DO NOT USE 99.9% PURE ACETONE! IT IS TO POWERFUL AND IT WILL MAKE IT ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE.
it needs to be diluted, but since I don’t know the right ratios please use normal nail polish remover.

Since I’m out of nail polish remover I have to think of another video idea until I can buy it again so, what do I do? Any idea?

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How about either A. Another custom mask making episode or B. A moc showcase?

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nice idea, probably going to do a showcase unless I think of something else.

so, which moc gets a showcase (mocs may have been already posted on this site but I will go more in depth on the chosen one)

  • weak-ankle guy
  • picaxe dude
  • trash guy

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It’s been decided. The next video will be a moc showcase of harry harris 2.0 and I will post it on saturday. One other thing is that from now on a new video will be posted every week (hopefully) on saturday.


My first moc showcase is out, nothing much, but it’s honest work.


A new video will be late by a few days because of school, but I have a few updates to share

So, first things first, now I have a better backdrop with the power of cardstock. I chose yellow and pink because yellow is nice and “roooosaaaa, che toop” (piiiiink how nice). Yes pink is nice too. (Ican swap the pink with any color but for now ROOOOSAAAAAA)

I’m also working on 3d printing a thing to attach my phone to a tripod, cause, the solution I had before is kinda… sketchy let’s say.

Next video will be about either making custom colored capes for minifigures or, if I can get nailpolish remover, printing on arms.

Like, subscribe and stuff to boost my ego help me with the algorithm and see you next time.


This makes no sense.

rosa is best color. that’s all I have to say

Arm printing video will be up in around 2 hours,bif it isn’t then I’ll check tomorrow because its past midnight and I’ll maybe be sleeping for the next 6½ hours.

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The video is up, go ahead and print those arms. Remember share your results if you try this method, like, subscribe, ring the bell and all of that stuff.

Good night, hopefully, it’s almost 2 am, but I can’t sleep, anyways good bye

goo nigh

GX is putting himself on the ttv hitlist because of all of these doubleposts, lol


Since they are updates they SHOULD be fine

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Next video I’ll try to make a brainstalk for metru heads that lights up, tomorrow I’ll get some small batteries and I’ll see what I can do. (This will require the modification of one of those brains that have an axle hole in the back, but I hope it will be worth it in the end)

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A new video is out, make a glowing eye stalk for metru heads, modification of a piece us required but the results are just incredible.

Sone other pictures with the finished product