The Hawkflight Archives, Vol 01: The first BIO-MOCs I have on camera (2009-2012)

Today, I rediscovered the folder containing the first group of BIO-MOCs I had pictures of, from 2009. I didn’t keep up with the story at this point, I just liked the figures. Enjoy!

This one I remember was named Belto. He and the next two were all brothers, and there was a fourth one I couldn’t find any pictures of - they were all “Sons of Jerubo”.

I forget was this one was named, but it looks like he has a Midak skyblaster stored as a sidearm.

This was my favorite of the brothers - his name was Arick. He also has a skyblaster stored as a sidearm.

This was the leader of the Sons of Jerubo’s enemies, the Izrika. Keetorange and gold was probably a questionable design choice.

This one is literally just Strakk.

Flame piece as chest armor. Also, all of Tarix’s gold went to the yellow one, so this guy gets nothing. He looks kinda miserable.

This one was named Detonno… and he’s also literally just Ackar with different armor.

This one was named Garik. He at least has some features that make him not just Vastus -the extra pair of legs, for one.

Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing this peek into the MOCs I used to make - let me know if you want me to upload more (They get more interesting than these ones, of course.)


Quite interesting to see images of old cobbled-together mocs. I think it would be neat to see more.


Very interesting, whilst they are very cobbled together and similar to existing sets, maybe it would be fun trying to revamp some of them? Also does 01 indicate there will be more photos?


yay hawkflight is active again
For your first mocs these are about pretty par. Nothing too special, but then you’re just getting into moccing.


Dead Kopaka

Living Kopaka

RaptorTalon G1

Bling Nui


Medical Calamity (fatal)

where did that flame piece come from?

Tahu idk

Vestigial growths man

also yike, I thought Pouks had thunderthighs but Garik be PACKIN’


Hopefully! Also, as far as revamp opportunities go, I know I have more interesting concepts I made later that I didn’t execute well.

I believe it came from Berix.


Yo green and white toa gang rise up


they’re really weird and gross but i like them


there is at least one other green and white Toa in my memory, stay tuned!


Decided I’m not going to make a new topic for these until they start getting past the primarily-Inikabuild stage. So here’s a batch from November 2010. The theme of these guys was the four classical elements - Fire, Water, Earth, and Air - and I had enough to make two Inikabuilds and one Av-Matoran build for each faction.

I don’t know if it was intentional, but looking back I like that these two fire characters had somewhat consistent color schemes - the two shades of red, orange, and old silver.

I believe this guy was named “Vexicon”, and he was one of two representatives of a white-colored wind faction. I think he was a monk-like character, which could explain the lack of armor.

This one was named Harnan, and he must have been the Baze to Vexicon’s Chirrut.

Not much to say for these two, other than that they’re on the earth faction.

I think by this point I had a balljoint on a blue connector break (the first of many), thus the peg leg.

I probably made a lot of Kiina ripoffs, just because that mask was the only one of a few that I knew translated to a female character and the fin pieces matched its aesthetic.

My favorite of this whole bunch, because he was the first all-black character I made without owning any primarily black sets. This was Shaycon, one of two characters not part of the main four elements, as a user of shadow. I had plans at one point for him to make an appearance in Jethryn’s story.

This was Sanko, lone user of the element of stone. I wish I knew why I assigned that while downsizing the elements.

Each faction had an av-matoran build assisting them as well.


Neat. I like the one that combines gold with lime


Early pegleg is janky but also rad because of it.


I can just feel the parts limitations in these :pensive: But still, interesting commentary and seeing development as well as improvising (That peg leg made me smile) is really cool.


why did you pose them like zombies?

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you presume that was an intentional choice


in today’s update to The Hawkflight Archives, the introduction of CCBS, and the fleeting passion of mine that was building TECHNIC vehicles for my BIO-MOCs.

If there’s one thing I can credit to the Hero Factory 2.0 line - aside from introducing CCBS - was that it made a mask that I knew was associated with female characters that was not one of the primary colors. Thus I created my first female Fire-based character.

It was probably a coincidence that I got the four Hero sets that used this particular blade piece, but I certainly took advantage of it, both with this MOC and down the line.

Which, of course, required me to use non-CCBS weapons for the others. Shout out to the last wave of Alpha team for giving me these saws, and a handful of other 01-03 weapons.

This was the only one out of those initial four that didn’t get a Hero Core with the same color as their armor. That’s all I can really say, aside from how goofy Furno 2.0’s goggles are.

I don’t remember much about this guy, but he’s got the Thunder Driller attachment - possibly still fully functional.

This guy and the four following are all upgrades to characters seen in the last update, and all of them get extra limbs. This guy looks like even more of an Ackar clone than he did originally, and I don’t know what’s up with that weapon/

I believe this was a the guy with the peg leg, who no longer needed it.

This guy has a very out of place mask, when I definitely had a dark green mask. But, he also has ankle mounted blade arms.

not much to say at this point. On to the technic vehicles I promised. I don’t have much to say about them, so come up with your own snarky summaries.


I like the red fire girl. Also the vehicles have a certain charm.

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Peg leg guy is growing too powerful.


The blue one doesn’t look too bad, actually

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installment #4 because I’m bored but also I don’t think these guys had much thought put into them

I can’t come up with a good portmanteau combining Solek, Strakk, and Stormer, but if I could I’d probably call him that.

This one was a girl, you can tell because she has the Breez mask and the Kiina bust attached to a regular torso

let it be known that my problems with posing characters existed way before I joined here

CCBS man with Av-Matoran arms

grey man with gold armor

I’d like to point out that, while I haven’t found the images of it, I used this figure as a stand in for Jesus for an Easter Sunday story with BIONICLE Characters, and that’s the only thing I can think about this figure.

this one was also a girl, you can tell by the Kiina helmet and also the Kiina bust

you ever just want to use an Av-Matoran torso but also use a mask that doesn’t look that great with an Av-Matoran head?

that dual saw design is actually kind of cool

This was my sister’s character, she would play the announcer while the other guys raced. BTW, all these guys were either racers or pit crew people.

Malum but again

I have nothing funny to say about this one

he has nunchucks made of Metrutoran limbs

looking back on my life I simply would have made more interesting design choices at this point in my life

he looks like he has bright green pants

a single baggy pant leg

oh look, it’s Shaycon, but again

and this shows you all the BIONICLE and CCBS parts I owned at this point in my life.

Join me next time when hopefully I will find something with more interesting design choices to show you