The "I Need Pieces That I Can't Get on Bricklink!" Topic

Hey all of you out there I need pieces!

Here is what I need;

Makuta Kojol;

-Purple Bonkle armor parts NOT CCBS! (may be painted)

-Melded purple and black mask of scavenging (you will have to paint it)

Toa Nogus (My Self-MOC);

-two of these in black

I am willing to pay reasonable prices for these parts

others can post what they need to, just tell who you a responding to

This topic is for painted parts or parts you can’t find on bricklink


I pretty much need every single modified brick and clip/bar in every colour times 100000.
So I can build more Transformers.


I would go to Bricklink to pick up these pieces:


I feel you

@Plural I can’t find any on bricklink

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Well, the painted pieces would have to be done manually, but you can find the armor pieces there, then you could paint those. Also, I’m pretty sure you can find those connectors on BL.

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I’m horrid at paiting

I need 4 of the gold shells that kopaka comes with

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(Cough) Bricklink.

Please note that this topic is for part you can’t find on bricklink or painted parts

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You know, I bought $50 worth of pieces from Bricklink about a year and a half ago, and they still haven’t arrived.


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TAWM when you beat me to editing that


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But what about this topic? :stuck_out_tongue:

I assume he put the Official tag in there

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bro just get the pieces on bricklink


Bricklink is for scrubs, blind bags at Value Village is where all the parts at.


I need affordable stormtrooper minifigs