The Kahi Self-MOC Mark II: Now Featuring Hands

So a while back, I posted my first ever MOC of myself since actually joining the Bionicle fandom. It was a work in progress.

This is the second iteration of it, which I call the Mark II. I bought some extra parts and did one or two little tweaks:

(There’s a bunch more at the full gallery here. Also full credit to Leewan for the hands, which you can order from here)

Sorry for the bootleg photo and setup quality. I don’t know how to take pictures of MOCs. I will figure it out by the next time, I promise. Also, if any of you know of a way I can give these hands like a glossy paint look, but with a coat that’s still thin enough to let them still be useable, let me know.

“Are these…hands?”

“Look at me! Look at me! I’m the Admin now.”

“This guyyyy…”

“Why would Eljay say something that stupid?”

“I can’t believe I work with these guys…”

“Hello, ladies…”

“You maniacs! You blew it all up!”

“Gathered friends, listen to the tale of the Bionicle…”

Back shot, so you can see that one piece that I found a use for.

And of course…


Once more, for good measure…


Thanks for viewing.


Wow, those hands really add to the MOC. Good thinking Kahi.

Also this MOC looks really cool. Even without the hands.

Those hands are tops! Very nice Self-MOC!

those hands are glorious XD


I Thanketh You Great @Kahi for the Objection pose

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The Hands aren’t official…



### /s


10/10 for the objection pose.


Those hands really give the MOC a lot more personality. Nicely done!


He looks great! but he still has the odd axle in the back of his neck. a creator rim piece should fill it in.

AAaaaahh! The Hands!!!

but seriously, good Self-MOC. The hands are a nice addition.


Those are awesome hands! Even though they aren’t official cough @plural cough They really add to your MOC and make it unique to you! Also those custom shoulder armour is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !!! :yum:

0/10 no tie! but in allowing honesty, this is a cool MOC! You managed to capture the look he had in your comic series, “Lawyer At Leisure”! Good job, Kahi!

The hands give this otherwise plain-looking matoran tons of newfound personality and expression! Love 'em!

I got to admit this looks freaking sweet.
Nice hands.

You done goofed! Nice hands BTW.



Not a fan of the unofficial hands but that’s the die-hard traditionalist talking.

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Top job, better than anything I could do…

You see, Kahi, this is how I imagined it would look:

Shameless self-advertizing…


Those hands look great, I’m no longer contemplating buying them, I’m totally getting them now. :smile:

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Yes. all the yes.