The Knighthood of Hagah (Canonization Contest #3: Honor Guard) by Lesnichiy

Finally, I am glad to present my MOCs of Gaaki, Bomonga, Kualus and Pouks.
I wanted to say that there is a bunch of interesting stuff and explanations in the text, so I recommend and ask to read it (I’ll try to be short, honestly :smile:).
Let us begin…

Overall Points

The biggest bulk of text in this post. Some concepts, shared by my entries:

  • Miramax Movie Secondary Colors. Each of my Toa uses the color that appeared on their Rahaga form heads (cheeks and stripe in the middle) in the Bionicle 3: Web of Shadows. I got inspired. More details in each entry’s section.
  • Consistency. They all have different eye colors, Spears, lower legs, same Black color distributions. This not a through-and-through tendency though, as it is not known which Entries will win, so Consistency depends more on the final results and Art part of the contest.
  • Armor colors. They are chosen to be on the contrary to the 2015 Toa Masters. Norik and Iruini have such, so why not. Since I give my consent to change them in the Art part, they are pretty much “placeholder colors”. I’ve rendered a couple of pictures with recolored armors for each Toa, just to show how they look on the guys.
  • All of their Spears are based off of some medieval (knighthood, ya’know) weapons and/or their elements. More on this below.
  • They all feature same Functions: right arm gear functions (with stoppers), Rhotuka Launching Shields and ability to store both their Shields and Spears on their Backs (look for it the Conclusion). And one more feature for Kualus (little exception :smile:). I’ve also designed a handle for their Shields, that can be adjusted to make Shield face forward or sidewards, as well as to make it adjoined to the lower arm nicely.
  • All poses on pics would be possible with real MOCs as those poses do not result in overlapping pieces. Checked everything personally.
  • Kanohi for all of them, but Kualus are pretty much random and are placeholders. There is a reason I chose a particular Mask of Kualus, but I am not going to restrict artists here, only to kindly ask them to consider that choice (should it win, of course). More details in his section.

I give consent for my masks to be altered in the final group art if the artist chooses: Yes
I give consent for my metallic colors choices to be altered in the final group art if the artist chooses: Yes
I give consent for my spear tips to be altered in the final group art if the artist chooses: Yes, but only if there are 2 or more very similar spear tips in the winning entries.

3D files for all of them.

Gaaki, Toa Hagah of Water, the Fierce Prophet

(TTV cast, I would like the photo below to be used in polls, please)

Since not much is known about her appearance as a Toa, so I had only a few concepts for her:

  • Fresh colour scheme. Turquoise isn’t a color you see too frequently in Bionicle, but a nice add for a Toa of Water. Rahaga Gaaki has it on her head in the Movie:

  • Toa of the Sea. I’ve included several sea-related things in my design: the trident, trident ornament on her chest, knee armor looking like corals, feet-flippers, eyes as blue as ocean’s deeps.

  • I gave her rather masculine stature, for she is somewhat known for trying to outmatch other Rahaga/Toa Hagah, being pretty fierce. I’ve tried to keep somewhat feminine look though.

  • Her Tidal Spear is a trident, fitting both medieval and sea themes. It is pretty simple though, following the classic pattern.

    There are some stats:

  • Part Count: 113.

  • Painted Parts: 11 into Flat Gold (might be different, as armor color might change), Rhotuka Spinner needs to be painted into Dark Blue or replaced with Marbled Silver/Dark Blue.

  • Height: 25 studs/pinholes (without Kanohi).

    Overall, I tried to make Gaaki to look more classic than my other entries. It also fits her character, as what she was always trying to do is to be as good as others are, and here she looks as good as like Norik and Iruini.
    Couple of aforementioned recolors:

Required and Breakdown Pics

Bomonga, Toa Hagah of Earth, the Quiet-Night

(TTV cast, I would like the photo below to be used in polls, please)

He is my favorite Toa Hagah, so I put a lot of thought into him, but there is not much known, so only a few of concepts:

  • Fresh color scheme. Purple is one of colors included in Onu-Matoran color schemes, but we haven’t ever seen purple Toa of Earth. That would add diversity to the Bionicle color palette. It also appeared on his head in the Movie:

  • Spy guy. When hunting for Rahi as a Rahagah, he preferred to make ambushes and work silently. He was even nicknamed “Quiet-night” for his methods. As such, I tried to make him look sneaky and agile. He is also the shortest of my Hagah.

  • Earthy highlights. He has Green eyes, the classic ones for Toa of Earth, slightly larger feet. His spear is based off of a drill and a mace. Nice combo, it seems.

    There are some stats:

  • Part Count: 120.

  • Painted Parts: 1 into Flat Silver (might be different, as armor color might change), Rhotuka Spinner needs to be painted into Black or replaced with Marbled Silver/Black. 4 into Purple.

  • Height: 23 studs/pinholes (without Kanohi).

    Overall, I tried to make Bomonga looking like something Lego could do themselves. He is not really more complex than Norik or Iruini, but he looks different regardless, with thin shoulders and another forearms.
    Couple of aforementioned recolors:

Required and Breakdown Pics

Kualus, Toa Hagah of Ice, the Soaring Eagle

(TTV cast, I would like the photo below to be used in polls, please)

I had that idea from the start. It turned out better than I expected. There is not much known about his appearance, so still a few of concepts:

  • Fresh colour scheme. Following the same pattern as my other Hagah are, he has a Secondary Color. It can be interpretated as Dark Green, but I think it breaks color scheme too much, so I chose Sand Green. In the Movie:

  • Flying guy. His main trait was his obsession with flying Rahi, and so I thought: why not make him flying? So, yes, he has boosters and wings that let him fly, though they are not as good as Artakha’s Adaptive Armour ones of course.

  • Transformation. By placing the Spear’s blades on his forearms, reattaching the arms via ball joints and adding the flames, you can make him flying.

  • His Spear’s refers to magic staff, not classic medieval but fantasy, ice orb is just a nice add. His eyes are Light Blue, the classic color for Toa of Ice (even appeared once in the comics, in Rahaga form).

    There are some stats:

  • Part Count: 184.

  • Painted Parts: 21 into Flat Silver (might be different, as armor color might change).

  • Height: 25 studs/pinholes (without Kanohi).

    You might ask: “how is it that we don’t know of such a power/ability to fly from known canon?”. Logical question, logical explanation – the four times we’ve seen him in actual action are:

  • During the raid on Destral. No details were provided, he might’ve flown there.

  • On Xia, where he sent a smoke hawk to see DHs ships. There he didn’t have chance to do anything outside that, including any flying.

  • In Metru Nui, fighting with Mahri. First, he has used his Mask, which took all of his concentration. There is no any details on further battle, so he could’ve flown there too.

  • On the way to the Core Processor. That is underground. Not too much place for flying.

    So, with Kualus I’ve gone of classic course, and made him weird. I mean, he somewhat is in the story. I honestly didn’t expect him to end up looking like he now looks. Also, his Kanohi. It’s shaped like Kadin, the Mask of Flight. You see the parallel, huh? Coincidentally, it was also worn by Toa Jovan, whom Kualus might be honoring indeed.
    Couple of aforementioned recolors:

Required and Breakdown Pics

Pouks, Toa Hagah of Stone, the Big Guy

(TTV cast, I would like the photo below to be used in polls, please)

He is the first Toa I started to create, back in November. As with all Hagah, little is known about appearance, so a few character-based concepts:

  • Fresh colour scheme. There were Brown Toa of Stone, there were Yellow Toa of Stone. There weren’t Brown & Yellow Toa of Stone. Yellow because the Movie (I mean, he is all yellow, but cheeks are brighter a little bit):

  • Big guy. He was known to be straight-forward, somewhat reckless. So, I thought that he should be the muscles of the team and made him high and broad-shouldered.

  • His Spear is a halberd, the most brutal polearm I thought of.

    There are some stats:

  • Part Count: 200.

  • Painted Parts: 19 into Flat Gold (might be different, as armor color might change). 13 into Medium Brown, 2 into Keetorange.

  • Height: 26 studs/pinholes (without Kanohi).

    With Pouks, I tried to keep his main build classic, but added a lot of extra pieces to make him bulkier (and cooler)
    Couple of aforementioned recolors:

Required and Breakdown Pics


Required height comparision:

I have 2 more things to show. First one is about functions. Via a free upper axle hole on Metru Torso piece I included:
Gear function stoppers:

Shield and Spear holders:

And the second thing is this (there are overlaps of pieces here):

Criticizm, Comments and Questions are greatly appreciated!
I wish luck to other contestants, and let the best Toa Hagah win!
Hail the Canonization Contests!


The use of their miramax rahagah colors is certainly unique. Oh, and I like Pouks’ legs. Good luck!


These are very good, I like how you gave them the Miramax colors based on their Rahaga forms.


These are Very Nice!

I especially like that you greebled up the Metru torso, it provides more visual detail and makes the MOC more pleasing to look at! I also really appreciate the fact that you filled out the pelvis! Like I said in another post on another entry, exposed pinholes on the pelvis piece are a recurring problem throughout most of the entries and the official sets as well!


I never would have thought on using their Rahaga secondary colors, but I think they’ve turned out quite well! I especially love Gaaki’s custom trident.

Best of luck in the contest!


A little too built up for me to consider (because I would personally like to see the original sets replicated), but they definitely could be used for art as a stand alone model. Very nicely done. Good luck.



Thank you everyone!
@Atobe_Brick, @Rukah, @CMO The idea of Rahagah Secondary colors just struck me somwhere long ago, when I rewatched the Movie to gather info/find inspirations for the Contest.
@The_Blue_Panda Totally agree. If you look closely enough, you might notice that, on the last picture, Norik and Iruini have slightly modified torsos too. I always thought that Metru torso piece is too thin.

One my ideas was to make each of Hagah in a slightly different way, with Gaaki and Bomonga being more classic, and Pouks and Kualus being more greebled up. As much as I love the originals, I love filling empty pinholes.:slight_smile:

I mean, how could I not have done that? :stuck_out_tongue:


I really like these. A bit complex in places, particularly Kualus, but very unique in any case

This (and the other action pose you gave her) are really unique. I would actually recommend you use one of them as the entry photo. Anything to set your entries apart from the critical mass of generically posed MOCs will work in your favour, I think.

Yeah this is exactly why pink Pouks is a bad idea. :laughing: I’ve seen people colour him with a tamer pink, but this is the actual Lego colour he would be as a set.


I really like the incorporation of the secondary colors from the movie rahaga, that’s a cute idea.

I probably won’t vote for them in the polls as they drift a bit too far from the existing hagah imo, but these are still pretty nicely done.


I love those! especialy Bomonga and Pouks! :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts:


This is some good stuff @Lesnichiy! I like the idea of using their WoS designs for the color schemes as well as the attention to detail (Pouks being burlier, Bomonga having big feet, etc.), if I were to pick I’d say Pouks would be my favorite with Kaulus being a close second, overall great work!