The Last Prime

Some of you may remember my last Optimus MOC from a year ago. (Bionicle Optimus Prime Moc) I decided to revamp him. Now, I’d like to reintroduce everyone’s favorite inspirational/murderous transforming robot! I went for a slightly more classic look this go round.

Now, what would Optimus be without awesome accessories? Last time, he got some flak for not being able to transform. I just want you to know, @decepticonaiden, you asked for this. You led to the creation of this abomination. Jk. For obvious reasons, I prefer the robot mode, lol. Anyway, feedback and criticism welcome! Tell me what you think.



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This looks great
Well done with the parts usage

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let’s just say he transforms into a cybertronian tank


Oh no. What have I done?

Anyways, the robot mode looks awesome, man! I’m assuming there was at least some inspiration from the movie Optimus. I really like the weapons and the wing. And hey, at least you tried to give it a vehicle mode, but if you want my suggestion, add more parts that are for the vehicle mode.


Nice work, the arm blade looks especially sick.

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