I went to the Lego Store the other day to get a gift for my friend’s birthday and They were giving out the hero pack with every purchase. The first thing I noticed is that the mask we saw in that leak last year was in the upper right hand corner.

I’ll talk abut the reason behind this in another topic but for right now I’ll post all of the pics here so you guys can get a good look at it


Interesting to see such a high-Rez image of the original mask.


What is the best way to get this again?

Thank you! It doesn’t look like there are any Official Lego Stores nearby me, so I probably won’t be getting one anytime soon. :pensive:

The best way to get this is at a lego store when you make any purchase and they will give it to you

don’t make another topic there are numerous topics that have gone over that mask

No I’m not making an entire topic on just that mask but rather a whole series of leaked info that I got from a lego employee about bionicle

wait what?

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And why exactly have you not made such a topic already. Do so at once.

Edit: never mind. Never make another topic.


I plan on getting a couple next Sunday.


I hope to get mine today!

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Unfortunately, same for me.

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I ordered a duplicate set on S@H about a week ago and the Hero Pack was included in the order. Thing is, I received the order yesterday, but the Hero Pack was missing. =/ Luckily, over the weekend my buds and I made a random trip to a nearby shopping mall that has my local lego store in it. So I bought an Avengers set and got the Hero Pack right then.

I contacted LEGO about the missing Hero Pack and they said they’ll go ahead and send it to me for free. woot, a second hero pack


I got the 2015 calendar last year, and it had a few special deals in it. So did the winter catalog. Guess what? I haven’t gone to a Lego Store yet, so all but two of my special deals have expired; the March offer in the calendar, and the Bionicle Hero pack.

If my family doesn’t go to a Lego Store this month, I’m going to be… upset. To put it mildly.

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I got my Hero Pack today! :smiley:


Whooo awesome, so do you think of it and what do you think stands out on it

It’s pretty neat, though the map could’ve shown more details of the island.

Never mind! I just got one! :smiley:

Ya that great, meanwhile I have not two, but 5 BIONICLE 2015 Hero Pack :smile: (here’s the proof in that pudding if you don’t believe me)

Anyways, that mask on the up right is odd, guessing that LEGO is going to be doing something with that mask… maybe it’s the Mask of Time :stuck_out_tongue:

I have two Hero packs now… and a full Toa team

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I think it is the Mask Of Control but who knows