The Lego Gallery topic

It seems like there are a lot of Ex-Gallerians here, So I figured there should be a topic for it.

So please, come, find your old friends, reminisce, and talk about the glory that was the Lego Galleries.


I guess, since some comments on my post were deemed “off-topic”, we can continue the discussion here.

Kinda why I made it. Not really anywhere else to go.

I was there for a while in the final days. In fact, I knew CobaltCorsair on the galleries.

Ahah! I thought your self MOC seemed familiar! V1 was in the BIO galleries right?

No, I actually never posted anything on the Bionicle Gallery. :stuck_out_tongue: Back then I was on the Star Wars Gallery, I only got into Bionicle pretty recently. V1 is on MOCpages.

Oh… okay. :confused: sorry. It is oddly familiar though.

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shouldnt this be like int he broader lego category or something

Here’s the most recent version of my self-MOC: I’m still working on V10, but I still can’t find enough mata blue pieces to go with his Kakama.

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Very nice. Rapiers are a pain to make.

Oooh, LEGO Gallery! That takes me waaaay back.

I’ve been poking around a bit using the WayBackMachine and have come across the old 2007 curated Star Wars archive. It takes a lot of clicking to get around (as was the norm in those days) but it’s a major trip.

Wow. I remember when the Club page was was a thing…


I remember the Lego Gallery! Specifically the Bionicle one. I remember a few ongoing storylines

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I started using the gallery in around 2013 and it’s what got me into making Mocs. Of course, none of them were that good, but still. My first ever Bionicle Mocs were posted in a topic I called Bionicle Recon Team. They consisted of a slightly modified Mutran, Kalmah with a cape and a Rahkshi head, and Ogrum with Onewa Metru’s head and an unnecessary amount of weaponry.

If anyone ever finds that topic on the Wayback Machine you get free virtual invisible Galidor

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Interesting, though, for the record, it was Hero Factory Recon team.

Wait, did you find the post?

No, I just know that there was no bionicle recon team.

I know, but the whole point of the three Mocs was to make a Bionicle Recon Team exist.

Ohhhhh okay. I get ya.

The LEGO galleries were great. I was active on the general one, and learned a lot about making MOCs from the constraction builders there. I became a part of that community with VirtualGru, BlueTorpedo, Shade, MiniGandalf, Chrisataur, and others, if anyone recalls those names. We had a lovely thing going. I have fond memories of competing in competitions with them, and I remember the etiquette of building each others’ “self-mocs.” Great times.

Inspired by legomaster1378 I’ve been tooling around on the WayBack and also remembered ToaMataEthan. I’ve been trying to somehow find my stuff but the chances of those pages being available in WayBack are somewhat unlikely.

Here’s a page from somewhere in 2015-2016. It appears to be the only page with actual pictures that I can find. Most of the posters on this gallery were immature but there were some really talented builders (one called Promar I was always impressed with).