The LEGO Movie

An unpublished book gave us a date when TLM2 will launch.

Very little detail, but more too come. :bookmark_tabs:

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I didn’t really like the LEGO Movie 2. I thought it was kind of confusing, the comedy fell flat a lot of the time, and I got bored of constantly seeing the same colors and atmospheres.

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Quite enjoyed this movie when it came out.

I thoroughly enjoyed The LEGO Movie. One of my favorite animated movies of all time. That said, it was very much a lightning in a bottle, as part of the positive reception was due to no one expecting it to be, y’know, good.

I haven’t seen the sequel, but have watched the Batman and Ninjago movies. While not bad, each movie seemed worst than the last. Since the first movie was such a surprise hit, they kept trying to recapture the magic. They have the same sense of humor, all focus on a father’s troubled relationship with a their son, there’s a connection with the real world (though this was vague in the Batman movie).

For a toyline about creativity, it seemed the film franchise was too afraid to experiment and innovate, effectively making it a one-trick pony to the wider audience.

Watch the second one. Among other things, it’s a musical. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the trend you described resulted in a lot of people choosing not to watch it (including, nearly, me) but I was pleasantly surprised. It’s fantastic, in my opinion - enjoyed it at least as much as the first.