The "Let's build JtO Makuta" topic

Right now I’m working on the staff, it’s really difficult to build the gimmick.

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we don’t really know if it’s a combiner for these sets, we don’t know how the body is built, maybe there is a piece that doesn’t come in any of the said sets, probably not, but well, if only they released instructions

Tried my hand at Makuta last night. While the legs might not be 100% accurate in terms of the placement of axles, I feel this still works in terms of functionality. Needless to say, the torso frame is definitely the most hidden part. All I could gather is that there is some type of silver bone holding the lower set of fists…could be the Kulta torso. And judging from the JtO model, there has to be quite a bit of technic in the torso frame.


I completed the feet, the lower arms and legs, the hands, and the weapons. I’m 87% sure that I did them right. You’ll receive pictures soon.

It also needs Loss.

Edit: I built the left arm might post it soon

We Need A list Of Parts.

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You know, since it’s built from specific sets, then whenever we think someone gets a piece right, we should “mark off” what pieces we used, so say for example, the torso doesn’t use a piece that was already used up by a leg, etc

Oh I’m definitely using this. Thanks dude!

Yup, I second this. It looks really close to how it should be.[quote=“Calebmar12, post:18, topic:27002”]
When we figure it all out im ordering one

Apparently he’s coming out with a version 2, so maybe wait until that comes out.

Yeah, I went through the vid frame by frame to find better pictures of the weapon, so hopefully that helps you out a little bit.

I’m hoping tomorrow LEGO releases the video in a bit higher quality so we can see what’s going on a little better.




I can almost say these are 100% accurate.


With regards to the torso,

This version of Makuta is really close to how the JtO one is built. If you look at the crotch area (yeah yeah, mind out of the gutter kids) It’s just a simpler construction. JtO Makuta has a few of these

hanging off the empty pin holes.

If you had tried, you would notice that it cannot connect there properly.

It actually can, you just need to elevate the unity piece one pin up so it goes over the feet


I tried doing that, but for the rib cage piece to fit, it has to be more towards the front, 2 pins more in fact, and the the feet are both a pin further than the body piece. And even then, it limits the leg movements a ton.

The CCBS armor with the crystal add on is attached by a glatorion neck connected to the knee.
But how did you attach that spike on the lower leg?

That may be the case. I’m pretty sure that’s how it connects

I disagree. If you look at the area I circled in, there appears to be a hint of grey which lead to me using the hordika neck over the glatorian neck. As for the spike, I just used one of the grey axles with the stoppers, put it through the two LoSS liftarms and topped it off with a hordika neck, which in turn allowed me to add the spike.

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Oh okay, You may be right
Also [quote=“Umarak, post:34, topic:27002”]
how did you attach that spike on the lower leg?

A hordika neck, LoSS’s foot and a four length axle with stopper

Okay thanks

When you guys are done, would you mind laying all the pieces out, so I can see what parts I need to buy?