The "Let's build JtO Makuta" topic

So, it’s no secret that a lot of us want an Ultimate Makua set. Of course we do, it looks pretty darn good. While it’s not going to be official, I’m hoping we can form a sort of group effort with building this guy by posting screenshots of the set from either the contest video, JtO, or… whatever shady sources you guys have. This will be updated as better pictures come in, so please, if you have some spare time, help us out a little bit eh?

#Official model instructions!
Links to Instruction Albums (on Imgur)
Putting them together:
#@Altair has finished his rendition of Makuta! Check it out here
#The Mask of Ultimate Power @Cyber-Hand’s working on will be on shapeways soon
#Official instructions are out!
Wrecker of Doors | Flickr
If you want to try your hand at making it from scratch, here’s what we have/know.

  • Makuta is a combiner between LoSS, MMvsSG, Ikir, Tahu 2016, Onua 2016, Umarak the Destroyer and Umarak the Hunter. (Credit: Dorek)

  • All the parts from these 7 sets (spoiled so that the image doesn’t take up the entire screen)

I don’t know if anyone’s gonna be up for this, but any contribution helps! Good luck, and happy buiding!


I’ve started on the legs
####Edited title for unnecessary capitalization - Umarak

Shall I mention that it’s actually gonna be a combination model?

What are you talking about?

How do you know that?

I’m definitely going to help as I just ordered the Mask from Shapeways. However I don’t have the parts necessary with me at the moment, but as I soon as I do you can bet I will help out. I might even buy the duplicates I don’t already have.

The JtO Makuta is a combiner made up of
Both Umaraks
Tahu Uniter
Ekimu vs Kulta
Onua Uniter
I think that’s it.

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But how do you know that?

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It says EXACTLY THAT at the START of this topic

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First off, I looked at the set, and seeing as the only new piece is the MUP, and that you can see parts from distinct sets, I hoped it’d be a combo model.
Then a dude told me it was gonna be one, I don’t remember who.
I should probably verify it, but I think it’s true.


okay, thanks

The great thing?
I only have UtD, and none of the other sets.

This isn’t 100% but it’s really close it’s just missing the white LoSS rubber band, a few missing Technic parts, and the blades of course + the hand.


I don’t think that the lower arm design is right because the hand doesn’t fit on
Unless you add another bone which might work
Also could we have some more pictures of the lower arm complete from different angles

I think it might be a custom lower arm on the actual thing.

The torso will be where this all goes crazy, but we have few details- the neck is a bone piece with an orang armor shell, the black shells on the upper chest seem to be held on by Glatorian necks, and the gold wheel piece in the center is held by that piece that is 3 long with one end being an axel… I am bad with part names.

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This topic is good.

I’ll make use of it.

(if this counts as advertising, you can take this post down)

Found a MoUP on shapeways if anyone wants to go that far with it.

I don’t think the head has an eyestalk in it, but rather connects to something on the back somehow. If you look at the eyeholes on the physical model, you can tell that there isn’t anything in here… Unfortunately, I can’t really find any angles that show what’s going on back there…


When we figure it all out im ordering one


I’m starting today!

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Good luck! Post WIPs as you figure stuff out- it’ll make everyone else’s builds a lot easier.

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