The "Let's build JtO Makuta" topic

just buy all the sets on clearance :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


That’s the plan. I’m actually working on the combined parts list right now from all the sets that go into the combination model, so hopefully we’ll be able to narrow it down from there

EDIT: Well… I did it. Not sure if this is gonna help anyone, but here’s all the parts from LoSS, MMvsSG, Ikir, Tahu 2016, Onua 2016, Umarak the Destroyer and Umarak the Hunter.


Neat, now just how to re-get those sets and wait for the building instructions.

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So the limbs went quickly… now we just have the torso… At least we’re limited to a certain amount of parts.

The limbs are not yet figured out, they’re close, but not 100% yet.

They are still on shelves until fall.

A humble contribution, but I ripped the Makuta contest video in the highest available quality, so here’s a handful of screencaps from it:


Thanks! I’ll update the OP in the morning. If possible, could you upload the video to a file sharing site so the rest of us could use it?

Absolutely, here’s a link to it:

If there are any problems with the download let me know and I’ll do my best to fix it.

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I hope that when we do figure it out, someone finds out how to put a red light brick or two into the chest and make them work, so his gold chest circle can glow like it does in JtO.


Does anybody know how to do the function in the staff? I see we have a pic of the staff in the OP but I’m not sure if it has the rotating function in it.

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I did it, I’ll upload pictures soon.

Depends on which country though, here in Hungary that isn’t really the case

Not sure if anyone’s pointed these out yet but I made a few observations:

  • Beast jaw on back of neck
  • LoSS liftarms behind Ekimu’s shield
  • Ekimu’s shield is backwards (curved outwards)
  • Large gear on his right (our left) elbow
  • Gear behind neck, possible function?
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If you guys could hold off on buy the MoUP from the shapeways link, that would be great. I am trying to make a more accurate version of the mask that you can download instead.Here is a WIP shot


May not be much, but I reproduced what I could for now. Every little helps, right?


So far I love it!

don’t forget to get the connection to the mask just right.

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Are you capable of doing prototypes

Because depending on a number of variables i could print one off

#really important :
#I just contacted Lego and kindly asked for more pictures of the Makuta model (and maybe instructions) and I encourage EVERYONE to do the same, it will increase the chances of actually getting what we seek.
#thank you.

Now, I made a bit of progress.

The staff has the gear function and the blades work as demonstrated in the designer video. While I was working on the shoulder pads I realized that it’s impossible to build stuff exactly like the original model, so I’m going wild with my imagination and trying to figure out how I can make it look almost identical to the actual combiner.