The "Look What I Just Got!" Topic

I’m trying to get into commander

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Cool, any specific commander your going for or is there any color parings your excited about that you want to build around?

Also a little tip don’t start by building a five colored commander deck it’ll just turn out expensive for you. I would know been there done that. Which means the deck I made with five colors is 50 or more % proxys atm

laughs nervously

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I built a 40 dollar Ur-Dragon deck

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As long as we’re on the topic of MTG, I just started making a custom deck. It’s going to be a control deck with almost all of the cards are related to explosions. All the cards either explode when attacked, clear all enemies, clear everything, or generate more land so I can cast more powerful cards.

Also, to stay on topic, I bought about half of the cards I need.


Cool! What does your mana base look like?


Also to stay on topic bought 5 Ravnica Alleigance boosters and some zip lock bags this monday.

Not sure if I mentioned the cymbal I got but here’s a picture I took of it


Izzet any good?

Depends on the strategy you want to go for red/blue usually has alot of support for noncreature spells either with instant or sorcery synergies, or artifacts synergies.

Personally I like five color nonsense, as golos is the perfect commander for it. So I’ve got some super friends, and elder dragons.

If that’s what makes you happy go for it. One of my first edh deck was a five colored Jodah deck. Also to be honest I mostly just proxyed cards to have a stable mana base but as long as you can produce all five colors consistently I think you’ll be fine.

It’s easy to have a good manabase that’s cheap, the big difference is speed(guildgates, trilands, temples, etc)

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last Monday I bought a pair of Keyforge decks! I’m very happy with them.

I got the MG Justice.
And I built it in only 6 hours!

It’s awesome. Definitely worth 55 dollars.

Got battleblade bumblebee


Got these at clearence for half of their original price


More weird figures. For some reason Hagrid’s arms use technic pins while Jabba’s use ordinary minifigure arm nubs.

Bought this in a separate order. Rotta’s arms are detachable despite his tiny size and use 3.18 bars. Strangely lego thought it was necessary to give him thumbs and even made the arms two mirrored molds.


I just found the 1999 world pen at a consignment shop for 5$. It had the case and all, I don’t think it’s even been used.

I would post pictures but my Ipod is on the fritz.


I got this yesterday :slight_smile:


I just finished watching Season 11 Part 1, so I’m just a bit jealous. :stuck_out_tongue: