The "Look What I Just Got!" Topic

Yeah, second-hand. I keep an eye out for good deals on used bulk on FB Marketplace, I’m too broke for all new sets lol.

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It’d actually be cheaper to buy the new Galaxy Explorer than pay aftermarket prices for the original.


I believe it, with as popular a line as it was. I’m more familiar with G1 Bionicle than anything else, but I imagine the aftermarket value is comparable to that


The original’s currently valued at about £200 while the new set retails for £90.

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Got a new Sentai mech yesterday. Figured I’d show it off.


I just ordered that guy myself. Haven’t really caught up on the series but hey they’re finally listening to fans on making the toys toys and not statues.

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Personally I don’t mind DX mecha with limited articulation. Hell one of my favorite toys period, Sentai or otherwise, is Engine Oh G12. Which is as much of a brick as you can get.

That said, Onitaijin’s articulation as limited as it is, makes the whole thing so much fun to play with.

Bricklink order for my Bio-Cup round one build arrived yesterday, but worried what I have is quite monochrome but the shows not over quite yet.

Also the DeLorean arrived just now but I don’t have the time to open it today :pensive:


Oh the hips esspecially I’ve seen are pretty much just sentai articulation but it’s nice this toy does have posability that isn’t a part of the transformation. Apparently the designers son had complained that the toys don’t move like in the show and that birthed this one.

Hopefully this means in the future more future sentai mecha that can move.

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Honestly given how crazy and off tradition sentai seems to be going, I wouldn’t be surprised if Onitaijin sets a new standard for DX mecha.

That’s what I’m hoping for; can’t say it’s my favorite design but I count it as an early investment; If it sells well hopefully this’ll become the standard.

Speaking of onitaijin;

I also love the sheer size of this guy; he’s pretty huge for just the main team mecha


Absolutely! He’s the 2nd biggest mecha I have in my collection, only falling behind Engine Oh G12.

Hell Oni Sister alone isn’t that much shorter than the likes of Shinkenoh, Magiking, or Jurangao. Just the leg alone. And she’s even a smidgen taller than Kiramaizin. Though that’s not saying too much since Kiramaizin is just such a little fella.

I’m definitely excited to see what kind of crazy combinations we’ll get in the future.