The "Look What I Just Got!" Topic

Just got this haul from Bricks and Minifigs. Overall, I’m really pleased with the location I went to - good selection of sets, and pretty decent prices as well.

I got my hands on a second Vahki Bordakh, a pristine condition Tanma, and everyone’s favorite Voyatoran, Kazi. I also got the 3 space minifigures I wanted most - M-tron powerlifter, beetlezoid, and ice planet explorer. Additionally, due to a special promotion for Star Wars Day, I was allowed to spin a prize wheel and I won 2 free minifigure passes!

The Darth Vader CCBS figure has to be the highlight though. That Star Wars Day promotion also included a 30% discount on all Star Wars items, meaning Vader went from $15 to just $10. I’m not a Star Wars fan, but I couldn’t resist all the amazing parts from the set.


Kazi is best Voyatoran :raised_hands: rock solid haul dude (and who doesn’t love a good deal)

As for me I got one more in the mail yeehaw


I have been meaning to post updates, but every time I go to take photos, Its cloudy, preventing me from getting the light needed to take decent photos.
I really need to keep my photo table clear, so this update is mostly a list, Starting with the stuff I got for my BD:
-Book: The Secrets of Alchemy – Lawrence M. Principle
-Mini Compound Bow
I asked for the book, the Mini Compound Bow is a welcome surprise.

Next, one of the few things I have Images for:

A cool KO-Ish Nerf Gun I bought for the following reason:

Next, All Sentai/Rider Stuff:
-Boomboom Super Car
-Boomboom Ghost
-Boomboomger Robo Complete Set
-DX King Ohger Zero
-DX Black God Tarantula
-Alchemist Driver Unit
-Sodo Gotchard
-Phase 3 Gotchard card box
-Zillion Driver
-Doom Geats RB

Next YGO:
-Figurise Exodia
-Popup Parade DMG

Next Transformers:
-Legacy Shard
-The 1/2 of Legend Volcanicus that took way to long for BBTS to get in stock.
-Cangtoys Stegasarow
-TF Prime, All Seasons

Next, Misc stuff ordered from BBTS:
-SH Figuarts 2B
-Moderoid Ikaruga
-30MM Acerby Type C
-Adventure Cloud Taro Oink (Pink)

Next, Lego:
-Ninja Climber Mech
-Loyd Element Mech
-Technic Space Vtol
-Dreams Alicorn (Mislabeled as a Pegasus)
-And the following evidence of why I should not have Ebay:

I know I overpaid for these, but they make a great segway to the final part of this list, the stuff I have coming:
-Flame Toys Combine Megazord
-Legacy Magmatron (In BBTS Pile of Loot)
-Chemys: Dragonalos and Gaiard.
And that is all I got since my last update.


what If I said I genuinely thought Kazi was hero factory a few years ago.


I’ve wanted one of these old retail displays for so long

Only cost me £20 on eBay since it was in really rough shape. Fixed it up and now it’s looking as good as new!


That’s super cool! Is the model glued?


I’ve gotten a bunch of stuff over the last few months, and keep forgetting to post any of it, so here it is.

First, a new high detail 3D printer:

A new coat, from an army surplus website:

A custom made steel sparing sword with blunted edge and back-folded tip:

A whole lot of ludicrously useful fake Lego pieces from AliExpress:

And finally, the tin of 810NICLE day cards they released that one time:


Yes, I presume in order to ensure no breakages during transport. Not really an issue though, as I don’t intend to remove it from the case (and it’s permanently mounted to the backdrop anyway).

Honestly I had so much fun restoring it. All I’ve gotta do now is buy some D batteries and get this thing working again


Yesterday I got a LEGO fire station, space van Wheeljack, furry winged Silverbolt, Scrapherp, Cartoon Blaster, Wish blu ray, and clothes.


Got the animation missing link Optimus and a movie ticket to see him die in a few days.


Cool, but unfortunately you aren’t watching the movie, your watching first 4 episodes of The G1 cartoon on the big screen.


Oh. Maybe I got this event mixed up with the South Park movie anniversary next month then.


Got a Transformer and a Bricklink order:


I got a couple of manga volumes that i was missing

Also got this for my birthday


Interesting! I’ve never seen an Italian manga before.


Soundwave superior, Autobots inferior…


“Hey guys, check out this awesome lamp I found! The Decepticons were just gonna throw it out!”

“Hold on a sec girl, it’s got one of their insignia on it. Doesn’t that seem kinda suspicious?”

“Nah, they probably brand all their stuff. I’m sure it’ll be just fine.”


Got my stinking paws on all five originals


Got the white dragon 2 pack today. Now let’s just hope this movie doesn’t follow the current track record of ranger inspired indie projects involving ranger actors.


The helmets look like Halo helmets with the gold visors. Pretty nice!


Invested eleven bucks and change into a new pool

Edit: been in here for ten minutes and it’s already paid for itself