The lost rahis of Daniel Lipkowitz

Many Bionicle fans know the Ranama, the Kirikori Nui, the Dikapi, and the Mukau (or Mata Nui cow depending on your preferences). They were combiners rahi created by Daniel Lipkowitz, a lego designer known for his contributions to the lego magazine combiners.

He created these beasts in 2001 and published pictures of them on his website “The Sand of Mata Nui”. However, they were not the only rahis he created. In total, he created 12 rahis, but only these 4 ones get official instructions and have been canonised.

The website still exists, and the pictures of these rahis are still available. Considering how good looking they were, I decided to use these pictures to recreate these lost rahis in

So here are:

Kotonga, a creature of Ko-Wahi

Kouroua, a sloth-like rahi of Le-Wahi

Moke Kanohi, a small crab Kanohi thief of Mata Nui’s coastline

With all variants

Mokonui, a Powahi parasaurolophus-like rahi

Pakipaki, an other bird-like creature of Le-Wahi

Peki, the colorfull small bird-like rahi.

Rarawhi, a predator of the treetop of Le-wahi

Wehirua, the giant spider-like rahi

With these rahis, he also created this entity:
Kaikokoti Wetekanga

He’s described as a legendary entity known as the spirit of harvest in the Tohunga mythology.

“The Sand of Mata Nui” website: THE SANDS OF MATA NUI
The files: Daniel Lipkowitz - Google Drive


ooo these look great!


These are awesome, man. I love all the early names and atmosphere too, Oceanic culture was the most beautiful part of the Bionicle aesthetic to me. Shame Lego didn’t just hire people of those cultures to help them navigate it respectfully.

Always a treat seeing what you post, scmd


Thank you very much.
I agree. Some mistakes have been made with the usage of polynesian words, and it was a real loss to not have more in the future years of Bionicle.

Apart from this language issue, I still wonder why these rahi didn’t get much attention from lego (and the community) and why they didn’t even pass the canonisation trial.

They would have been a financial hell to recreate (especially the Kotonga with the transparent Kaukau), but they would have fit perfectly in the bionicle world.

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Wow, I haven’t seen any of these besides the four canonized models. They’re pretty stellar


The last one looks like something the Turaga created from the carvings of the Toa Mata at the Great Telescope.

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Very interesting. I had no idea these existed until now. We don’t see MOCs from 2001 very often, especially at this caliber. Kind of a shame they didn’t all make it to canon.

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Rarawhi and Wehirua are the best!

I’m so glad there’s a rahi sloth

These are perfect. Need I say more? Also, I didn’t know that Daniel Lipkowitz worked on Bionicle. I know he worked on numerous other themes but not this one.

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Daniel Lipkowitz wins the Duckbricks Bota Magna Dinosaurs contest two decades in advance


These are pretty neat! It’d be cool to some of his other stuff found at LEGO TECHNIC: BIONICLE rebuilt like this.

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These all are really nice.

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According to Bosector01, he’s the one who designed also the protodax, the Zyglak and the Manutri. Maybe he did more, but I didn’t find anything else.

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Quick update

TheMOCingbird make me note that I haven’t presented all the creation of the website. Originally, I didn’t see the point in presenting them as some are…special, and stand out in the wrong way from the previously presented rahis.

But if some are interested, there you have:

Beast of many water

Earth shaker

Ember-Dwelling Spider Ant

Embernese Mountain Dog

Fire beast

Flame-tailed Insectoid


Lava Lizard

Sea Swirler


Stone River Spider


Temple Dancers

Files are in the same folder as the others.


Being a Lego designer seems like it’d be such a fun job

Tahu after trying Vakama’s world famous curry


It always bothered me as a kid that the Ranama and Kirikori Nui required “pieces from your own LEGO collection” apart from Bionicle sets. This would explain why they are so different from the other combo models.

Those…unfortunate Tahu creatures remind me of the sort of creativity the X-pod playoff had with their names. Still, it’s interesting to see what can be built with a limited amount of parts.


yeah the first batch was better


Effectively, it proves that even if you have fewer ressources, it is still possible to make cool things (in the measure of the possible).

And even if they don’t look all very good, some are quite nice like the spider ant, and even the lava lizard.
Who would have believed that you could create a lava plesiosaurus with tahu parts ?

Best inclusion of round 2