The Mangai Project

Welcome to The Mangai Project!
The Mangai Project is a group of creatives brought together from across the Bionicle community, dedicated to bringing the story of the Toa Mangai to life! After three years of brainstorming, script writing, set designing, and character building, we have reached the stage of production where we are ready to involve you, the fans of the Bionicle franchise! The groundwork has been laid for the show and now we need you, animators, artists, voice actors, story nerds, and advertisers to take what the lead of production has completed so far and help make it into something truly amazing.

Are you interested, maybe want updates on the process, or just somewhere to talk to other Bionicle fans? Feel free to join our Discord server at the end of this post! Not interested, but know people who might be? Spread the word!

Discord link removed


What exactly is this? What are you trying to make?

It’s a series about the Mangai (and Lhikans original team as far as I know)

It’s a 2d animated series about the Toa Mangai

Also Senit isn’t the main person making this, he’s apart of the publicity team but the main person behind this project is Max Nui


Hi! This sounds amazing but idk if you saw, the discord link is gone! Its against the terms of service to post one, maybe private message it to anyone who asks?

this could be interesting…
give me a bit of time

We did make a reddit post about the project here that has the discord link


so this will be an animated series?
you will need to think up designs for the rest of the team though.
All 10 other members.

Well I’m not the main one doing this Max_Nui is. I’m just part of Publicity.

These are the other designs.

Yes 2d animation


Dude I can do story or act for Nidihki

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This looks pretty sweet.

Are you able to share details about the story yet? Will it only follow story elements that we already know about (Kanohi Dragon, Toa-Dark Hunter War, etc.), or will you guys add your own story arcs?


I’m not the main one doing it, for roles you would have to go to the Server, but I think both Nidihki’s voice and the Story roles are full.

I’m not sure if I can but I will say: It will cover more than the known parts

This definitely looks interesting, I look forward to seeing it come to fruition.

Will this involve original characters, or only the Mangai we know about?

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It’s about the entire Mangai team. Though it will have a focus on the known ones.

Looks interesting. I’m guessing the animation will be akin to the 2015 shorts?

hopefully, because it
will make the models look better.

Yes it will look like those animations.

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Nice. If there’s one thing I liked about G2 2015, it was the animation style.

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The teaser trailer has just been released!


Mata NuI! you’ve done an amazing job!