Linking to Discord Chats

When TTV first started, we ended up talking almost exclusively on the instant messenger Skype. We’d stay there for many years until eventually Skype became a heaping pile of Muaka dung. At that point, we started to look for alternatives. Eventually, and thankfully, the Discord instant messenger had been created. We haven’t looked back since.

Discord is an outstanding service, with it’s versatility, reliability and better-than-Skypeness. We love it, and highly recommend it.

That being said, unfortunately there is something we need to discuss… One of Discord’s features is the ability to create and share a link to any given Discord chat server. It’s a really handy feature, especially for bringing in friends or others you’d like to chat with. As it stands, however, it is a security risk for our boards and you guys.

We understand that many people here use Discord, which is great. Unfortunately, we lack the man-power and desire to moderate every discord server you guys are in and that are posted on these Boards. We can’t be sure that what is being discussed/posted/shown to others is appropriate, and as such we have decided that unless it is expressly cleared by us, Discord chat links are not allowed to be posted to the Boards.

We at TTV have two official severs. We have one that is a perk for those that donate on Patreon, and we have one that is free for anyone to use if they wish to converse with members of the community. If you are interested, feel free to be a part of either of those.

We understand that not everyone will agree with this or be happy about it, but do understand that it’s necessary as unless we’re able to certify and moderate these chats, we can not guarantee that they will follow our rules and be appropriate to this site. It’s a matter of security and, to a degree, legality.

We hope you understand, and if you have any concerns or thoughts, please post them below. Thank you.


Will is this relevant to all links, or is PMing links ok? Just wondering.


If we discover it, it is punishable. If any Discord links are sent via our Boards, it is against our rules.


What about links sent before the introduction of these rules?

If we see them, they will be deleted.

What if we share account names in a PM, then send the link through Discord’s DMing service?


Alright, I shall modify the Warhammer 40k topic accordingly.

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How severe is the punishment for posting links? Not saying I’d ever do it, of course.

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How about, let’s never find out?

Probably case-by-case circumstance, but if you posted a link somewhere and you have already read this, you’re definitely in trouble.


So, the Fan Central topic and server got deleted.

Does TTV plan to recreate another pleb server or were forced to pay a dollar to have a better interaction with the users?


Is the TTV discord still a thing? Or is it a patreon only thing now?

The old game night server was closed quite a while ago. So yeah, the Patreon server is the only one.

Most of us aren’t really attentive to big public servers, nor do we have time to manage one, so it wasn’t worth having the TTV Fan Central chat on many different fronts. It’s been a few years since that’s been gone.

We’re still not the best (collectively speaking) at interacting with the patron server outside of podcast time, but it’s much easier to do so with a generally smaller crowd.

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