The many Faces of Alucia.

Finally finished updating myself moc in all of her forms.

Alicia is a Vo Matoran and hunter for a small Village protected by a mysterious energy shield. She village is surrounded by a large amount of dangerous Rahi that are kept out by the energy barrier.
Alucia is a member of the hunters guild who are tasked with the dangerous job of leaving the barrier and hunting Rahi.

She is equipped witha Trident spear and a shield, as well as a tactical backpack, a pickaxe and a small hunting knife.
She is also equipped with a pair of sensory antenna designed by a good friend a genius Su Matoran called Malica. The antenna allow her to sense movement in a 360 degree radius up to 200 meters away, even if obscured by an object.

Upon becoming a Toa of lightning Alucia’s equipment transformed into a Halberd and a buster shield.
She continued to work as a hunter, still using her pack and antenna.
Her mask has become the Kanohi Weha, it allows her to create copies of her self that split her power between each clone.

Toa Nuva
Alucia’s skills and unusually high amount of power attracted the attention of the universe jumping agency called The Grand order. She quickly rose up the ranks and was given the honour of becoming a Nuva class Toa.

Unexpectedly the transformation sent her Electrical based powers out of control. To prevent her powers from killing her she was equipped with a special device designed by Makuta Garrion and built by Malika. The Lazarus array, a large disk shaped energy container that is directly inserted into her heart core. It absorbs the excess energy that her body produces and stores it like a battery.
Her Mask has now become even more powerful allowing her clones to use 50% of her power each.
She also carries a Barbed sword that is directly linked to the Lazarus array. The sword can utilize a large amount of the stored energy infusing the sword with high power electricity.

Alucia Alter Omnia
The first battle with the dread empress Sokira did not go well. The team were badly injured but Alucia got the worst of it. The Lazarus array was badly damaged resulting in an unexpected side effect. The array purged all of it’s stored energy directly into Alucia’s core.
The Nuva transformation caused her body to transform further to deal with the massive amount of energy that had entered her. Taking on a new form, animalistic, monstrous and totally out of control. Her mind was sealed away within, unable to manage the new power.
Her mask transformed into a monstrous form, fusing the Sensory antenna to it and changing them into a pair of horns. Her arms became draconic heads that could spawn her new powerful weapons from the mouths. A massive sword and a 6 barrelled Gatling gun.

Alucia Zeta Ultima
Alucia’s final form, her true power unleashed and under control, the beastly Alter form lost the battle for her consciousness, now with a body made of pure energy contained within a forcefield of her own creation Alucia has become the first True Zeta Toa, beyond that of even the Toa Nuva when they Defeated the reborn Teridax.
She now holds the power to manipulate and control all forms of energy, making her akin to a god among Toa. Though it is questionable if even this power will be enough to stand against Sokira, a being from The Void, she exists in a state of anti Matter and Anti Energy.
She can manifest any weapon but her preference is for a large Trident and a set of energy sword wings. Her mask can now create an infinite number of closes all of which have 100% of Alucia’s power.

Group Shot
I’m so beyond happy with every one of these builds.
Alucia was one of the earliest builds that I made when I picked up studio and I feel that this really gives her the attention that I have wanted to give my self moc for a lot of years.

Here is the original version for anyone interested.
Original Build