The Marvel Comics Topic

(Before anyone asks, I checked. There is no topics like this.)

ANYWAYS, here’s a general discussion about Marvel Comics, which I prefer over DC comics. It’s practically a house hold name with all the movies coming out.

So what do you guys think about their comics and other stuff about them? Good, bad? What do you think?

(Also, this picture is hilarious.)


I love Marvel. I just like DC a tiny bit more. I just wish there wasn’t this animosity between fans. I’ve been told numerous times that because I’m a “DC Fan” I can’t like Marvel.

Anyway, Wolverine’s the best. I love how he and Cyclops are kind of a reversal on the whole “Boy Scout V Bad Boy” cliche, as Cyclops is the clean cut, righteous leader, but deep down he’s a jerk, while Wolverine, the tough, scrappy jerk has a heart of gold.


This, this so much (only I like marvel slightly more)

I love the arkham games, I love the marvel movies, i like the comics (mostly) equally

but anyways, more on the subject, I feel like the Age of Ultron comic kinda underplayed main ultron, like just having all his drones everywhere, wish that he got into the thick of the fighting, killing avengers and such left and right (just because it got reversed in the end anyways)

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Not a comic person. Can you explain this ?

I agree with this, but I don’t read Marvel but I do enjoy their other media.
Most of the time I usually joke around about the animosity between fans since I only read DC.

Like I’ll see a ■■■■■ and my bro’ll be like
“Hey, you should get that”
And I usually respond “No, it’s Marvel.”

I find nothing wrong with Marvel in any bias way, I think they’re fine ‘N’ dandy, I just can’t see myself getting into their comics. :confused:

  1. Wouldn’t know where to start
  2. Financial reasons, it’d be either or, and I can’t just drop DC.

this is… actually pretty true for comics in general, guess you could always read a wiki summary, I had no problem reading civil war (of course that’s because i knew the characters and stuff beforehand) and (well this is DC, but still) Blackest Night

darn, if only you had a library like mine, it has comics

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I prefer Marvel, though I still like DC. My favourite comics are the Avengers ones. I like the one where Vision was first introduced. :smile:

Wolverine’s a good guy who acts tough, while Cyclops is a jerk who pretends to be a good guy.


I grew up with DC comics… But Marvel has Venom and Carnage. And that makes Marvel better than DC in my eyes… despite DC having the green lanterns. Yeah, I am somewhat torn, but I can get over it because VENOM AND CARNAGE! Also TTV Ven named himself Venom because Venom is awesome… so there is that too.


I grew up reading Marvel comics. The very first one I read was a reprint of Amazing Fantasy #15 (I was three at the time and my parents actually had to read it to me :stuck_out_tongue: ) But yeah, Marvel is great.

Also this.


Okay why are you exactly like me!!! Literally what I was going To say! I am actually wearing a GL T-■■■■■ and yesterday I was wearing a venom and carnage ■■■■■!! So yah all of my opinions are the EXACT same as @chaotictempleknight

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Huggeeee Marvel Fan. I actually buy a good amount of comics each month. I even trade the digital codes in them for other Marvel Comics. I buy…
Amazing Spider-Man
Web Warriors
Contest of Champions
Extraordinary X-Men (Though I’m dropping this one soon.)
Uncanny Avengers
Spider-Man 2099
Squadron Supreme
Invincible Iron Man

Even though DC seems to be reverting to old status quos I like how Marvel seems to always being doing different things.

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It’s interesting to see them bringing back the Champions.

Although I’m looking forward to Infamous Iron Man.

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Big news! Marvel Now titles have been leaked online.

A lot of Avengers titles this time around. That Avengers 1.1 looks like it has promise. Renew your Vows looks nice, too. Dang, the Great Lakes Avengers are coming back? Legit. All these titles look VERY promising.

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Yeah I really like the line up too. What will you buy?

I usually don’t buy comics unfortunately.

I know it’s late.

Okay I shouldn’t have said “always” but Marvel is doing a lot of new things with the new status quos, giving more obscure characters books, a bunch of legacy heroes.