The Mask of Time: Pitch and Artwork [ABILITIES UPDATE]


The fragments can be found in the various Elemental Temples scattered across the Island. Most, if not all, are booby-trapped. For example, the Epochal Fragment can only be acquired during low tide. The fragments are heavily weathered, completely untended for thousands of years. During use however, the fragments shine as in their former glory, shedding away years of decay.


Each fragment as faint temporal abilities. As their name's suggest, each has a unique effect on time when channeled with energy.

Fleeting- Slow everyone else (make yourself fast)
Enduring- Freeze an object in time
Imminent- See the near future
Epochal- See the far past
Hastened- Speed everyone else (slow yourself down)
Erstwhile- Reverse an object in time.

The fragments require intense focus to even partialy utilize.


As you may have noticed, there is a lack of eye holes. This is intentional. The user must focus to maintain control of the mask. Blinded to the present, the past and future become more clear in the mind's eye.


After each use, the Mask of Time resets itself to a previous time in the past... the time after the pieces were hidden. Instead of "flying" to their pedestals after each use, as pitched in the podcast, the pieces simply "phase" home.


Huh I thought the holes at the bottom were eye holes at first, but the eye cover makes more sense. I like your ideas about the fragments too. Nice work


I freaking love how you made the Mask of Time's upper half look like a Mayan Calendar.


I'd love to see this concept be real but how would those tiny pieces attach?

Unfortunately I don't think they could in a minifig set. That would likely have to be something that is serialized or represented in other media. You could represent the seams on the mask with printing, but dividing it into bits is just unrealistic.


Worth noting that it's spelled "imminent" not "immanent"

Possibly too late in the process to fix that though.

i like the design of the mask.

and i also like the artwork showing the location of two of the fragments.

Dang, this is really cool!

Also I totally didn't think the two holes at the bottom of the mask were the eyeholes. Nope.

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I don't like this one as much as your other work, mainly because it requires the Toa to go on a fetch-quest.

This is an unfortunate reality of dealing with a story based around a toy line with collectible items of power.

(Besides, a fetch quest gives the story reason to make the Toa travel and explore the island)


lets face it, allot of Bionicles stories in both G1 and G2 were based around a "fetch-quest".

Wow. That is great.

I am happily a Firm second best artist... 3rd even...

No way I can rival this...

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I enjoy the concept shown here, particularly the design for the Mask of Time. The forehead's Mayan calendar-like appearance is a nice touch.

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Interestingly enough, "immanent" is a word that could also be used for the Mask of Time, as it means "existing or operating within something." However, you are correct that it is misspelled if the power is to see what is going to happen "imminently," or in the immediate future. Perhaps another fragment or concept could use "immanent..."

This is a phenomenal design for the Mask of Time. The Mayan Calendar aspect is extremely clever and appropriate for the BIONICLE feel. The lack of eyeholes is also really unique, and I like the philosophy behind it (although, technically, as the present is a part of time, to embrace the totality of time one shouldn't be blind to it).

The fragments all look really great in their weathered forms--I love how each represents its own respective region. The reset function is cool, though it might be interesting to include some sort of method for the Mask to be permanently reunited, as it seems rather inconvenient that you have to relocate each piece after using it--plus, once you have recovered the pieces once, you can get through the traps more easily, making them rather irrelevant after one recovery.

All in all, fantastic work, @Oomatu! I look forward to the rest of your BRICKONICLE artwork!


Can we not have another mask of time?
The previous generations gave us the two halves of the vahi, I feel like even in a completely unrelated continuity a second mask of time retroactively lessens the importance of the original.
I'm not saying the fetch quest macguffin can't be a mask, but the original mask was so dangerous/powerful it was split across time-space, this mask seems as powerful if not more powerful than a unified vahi and yet is only separated by a few miles, feels wrong.

On a tangential note, the top and bottom of the mask look almost unrelated, the top looks great, but I think that aesthetic needs to be brought into the lower half.

Heck yeah this is awesome.

The g2 one was barely used though. Plus we never got the mask of time in a set, or knew if the g2 vahi really was the real one.

The line only lasted two years, and the lower half was only used, twice? In all of g1.

And we're getting this one in a set?
Cyber-Hand has a model on shapeways if you wanted the upper half in person, he even has a unified vahi.

... you're really going to make that argument? There is no reason to not believe the upper half of the vahi is the upper mask of time we see in g2, it was virtually unquestionably intended to be so.

I like the idea.
In the pod cast there was an interesting idea. If the pieces are in a shrine. What prevents them from just waiting there to get the pieces.

I propose that the Shrines are hidden in time. They do not actually exist on the places where you find them at the time you find them, they exist in those places in another time. So when you grab the shard, you get send to your time kicking you out of the dungeon. Preventing you to wait there to get the mask.

Edit: Love the concept BTW.

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If Brickonicle hypothetically was real, then we probably would. I know it isn't, and I don't expect it to be.

And we never got our g1-g2 connection we wanted so we simply don't know the real intentions based on lack of evidence.

I just don't see why you think having a mask of time is a bad idea. Of course it was only used twice. That was because it was OP. It was used sparringly.

Plus this version the guy made has a "reset" function after each use, extremely constricting how many times you can use it. You'd have to collect all the pieces over and over again if you wanna use it multiple times.

I'd also argue the Mask of Time is a key component of Bionicle but that's off topic.